"> 25 Weeks Pregnant: Here's the Update With What's Going On With Me

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maternity mondays

Maternity Mondays: Bright and Floral

25 Weeks pregnant

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m pregnant, I’ll be featuring maternity outfits. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant.

As of writing this post, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt this entire pregnancy. Besides feeling like a ginormous whale of course. All the nausea is behind me and I’m able to eat all my favorite foods. I don’t feel tired and fatigued anymore. Most days of the week, I try to do 40 minutes of exercise either by walking, doing the elliptical, or doing low impact strength or cardio Youtube videos at home in my underwear (that’s the easiest way to get it done!).  I have noticed that I get more sore on my legs after just this kind of light exercise, especially on the tops of my lower legs. The doctor recommends I take shorter strides, so I’m going to try that and see how it works.

My little scare

It feels good to be 25 weeks pregnant and close to entering the last phase of this pregnancy. My belly was measuring too big for my gestational week, so I did have a little scare this week. The doctor gave me an extra ultrasound to see if the baby was big or if I had too much amniotic fluid surrounding my baby. Fortunately all’s well and they just figured I “carry that way.” The days before that “ok” confirmation were the worst.

Sometimes it’s the waiting that’s harder than just the knowing. It’s crazy how the not knowing messes with the mind.

Baby name reveal!

Right now we’re thinking we like the name Luke Ryder Heckman. He’s moving so much in my belly but because my belly is so big, it’s hard for anyone but me to feel him. My hubby has only been able to feel him from the outside once. Well, that’s all for my 25 week pregnancy update. Just enjoying the last bit of this honeymoon second trimester before it feels hard again getting so big in the third trimester.

Where you can get items similar to what I’m wearing

Similar nude sunnies (obsessed! Goes with everything). Similar nude peep toe heels. Not too high. Not too shiny.

I got my dress from the used online retailer swap.com. I love the bright floral colors and background.  It’s a Leota maternity dress. Have you heard of Leota? I really like the fabric of this dress. Here are other Leota maternity dress options:

25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant and gearing up for the home stretch

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