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5 Reasons Why This is the Best Underwear EVER.

I used to be that moody girl you’d see roaming the malls looking like I was mad at the world. It had nothing to do with a boy, a bad boss, or a bad hair day. I was just a girl wearing bad underwear.

I thought it was normal. You know– I thought underwear was just supposed to dig into my skin, give me wedgies, make me look like I had a muffin top, or shimmy down my bum all day. I lived a life of quiet desperation, spending every other minute adjusting my undergarments.

And then I ran across these panties. I tried them on. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

ahhhhhhhhhhh. ohhhhmmmmm. Ok Gap. I begin my slow clap.

Seriously. This is the best underwear ever. I’ve bought 5 of these and I’m waiting for the black ones to come back in stock so I can buy 5 more.


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This underwear is not the best underwear to show off to your beau.


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This underwear, my friends, is the closest thing to acceptable granny panty– I’m talking comfortable, let-me-wear-these-all-day-in-lounge-wear type panties.

top knot

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It feels like the kind of underwear you’d wear cozying up on a window sill with a cup a joe in one hand, rain pouring outside, hair in a top-knot perfectly disheveled, in an oversized sweater that doesn’t make you look like you’re living in a potato sack. You know,  tumblr style.

So here it is, the 5 Reasons Why This is the Best Underwear EVER. 

  • This underwear has THIN fabric.

It’s barely there fabric, so you don’t add any more bulk to your fashion ensemble. But also…

  • It’s breathable fabric!

Yay for 93% cotton/ 7% spandex. I guess this is the holy grail combination of perfect underwear material.  There’s just enough spandex so it feels stretchy, but it’s mostly cotton so it’s still breathable.

According to this article, it’s good to avoid “synthetic materials like nylon and lycra, which can ‘trap moisture and heat, providing a breeding ground for yeast.'” EEEEKS!

  • It sits perfectly under my belly button.

It’s like your favorite pair of jeans that finds that perfect spot to sit–not too high (mom jeans) not too low (butt crack.) These panties are high enough and loose enough so you don’t end up with a muffin top.  This is the mid rise panty that sits perfectly.

  • It doesn’t ride up in back!

Don’t you hate when panties constantly make you feel like you have a wedgie? Take Victoria’s Secret’s cheekies. They look so good on!

BUT,  they are definitely made for men. THIS underwear is made for women.

  • It also doesn’t shimmy down your bum.

I bought some panties a while back from a grocery store (MISTAKE) and they shimmy down my bum all day long! I’m always having to pull them up. These panties are tight enough where they stay put and don’t shimmy down your bum all day, but loose enough to be comfortable.

I have found the secret to amazing underwear is breathable, stretchable, thin fabric that sits perfectly under the belly button, doesn’t ride up to create wedgies and doesn’t shimmy down my bum. So thankful I  found out about these panties from Cup of Jo, one of my favorite bloggers!

Btw, don’t forget to still load these with your delicates!

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