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5 Reasons Why Your Face is SUDDENLY Breaking Out

I think having struggled with acne almost my whole life up until about two years ago, and then after not struggling with it (except on the rare occasion- once a month during that time), I’d always get a little curious when my face would start breaking out just randomly. Fortunately, I’ve figured out why, after trying different things. I want to share that with you. If your face is normally clear and you suddenly break out but it’s not that time of the month, maybe it’s….

1. Time to wash your makeup brushes.

Usually, the number one culprit of sudden unexpected breakouts has everything to do with allowing makeup brushes to be used for long periods of time without any cleaning. Over time, oil and bacteria build up in makeup brushes. I wash mine with gentle hand soap, soaking them for about 30 minutes in a sudsy bath of warm water + gentle hand soap. Then I make sure to rinse them out with cool water until no more color can be seen in the water running through. Lastly, I ring them dry and lay them flat on paper towels to dry overnight. I do this about every 1-2 weeks.

2. Time to change your pillow case.

Source: theberry.com via Tanya on Pinterest

Imagine going to bed every night, tossing and turning ever so often. The hair product goes onto the pillow case, then you turn around and then the hair product from your pillow case is touching your face. Add the natural sweating that goes on while you sleep, the natural oil buildup, and you get the picture. Your pillow case is full of oil, sweat, and product build up. I wash mine every week and if I do happen to start breaking out unexpectedly, I wash them right away.

3. Time to change your new hair care product or facial product.

If you suddenly break out, you have to ask yourself, Have I been using any new hair/face products? I try to only use one new product at a time so that I don’t have to “guess” which one is causing me issues. I say face AND hair products because hair touches the face, especially if you have bangs or even side swept bangs. Pay attention to where your face is breaking out. If you do have bangs and you are breaking out in that area, your hair products could be the culprit.

4. Time to start washing your face after you work out.

Maybe you just started working out. Your body is looking great, but you’ve noticed that your face is breaking out unexpectedly. The simple solution is to immediately wash your face after a workout. Don’t let the sweat dry on your face.

5. Time to buy a headset for your phone.

Source: flickr.com via Melissa on Pinterest

If you find yourself breaking out in your cheek/jawbone area, your phone may be causing you to break out. The oil and bacteria on your hands touches your touch screen. Then you rest the phone on your cheek. This could be the reason why you’re breaking out.

The common thread with all these points is that something that touches your face may be causing you to break out. Whether it’s makeup brushes, pillows, hair/face products, your phone, or sweat, it’s worth looking into. It may even be your hands! Some people don’t even realize how much they touch their face with their hands. When you’re sitting at the computer, you may be sitting there, elbows on the table and face cradled in one hand. This is a no no. The rule of thumb is to avoid touching your face unless you really have to (when you put on makeup etc…) And when you do, make sure you wash your hands first. The key is to be mindful of what touches your face.

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