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5 Ways to Wear Floral Dresses in the Fall

Most people can see floral dresses worn in spring and possibly in the summer months, but fall? Can floral dresses really be worn in the fall? I’m absolutely in love with floral dresses, and I want to be able to wear them year round! Here’s how I get away with wearing floral dresses when the leaves start changing.

1. Choose a floral dress in rich colors like purple, burgundy, hunter green, rustic orange

It’s not a surprise that fall floral dresses take on deeper hues and spring’s pastels are set aside. Many of the muted colors match the changing colors of the trees. This dress by T-Bags is a perfect example of floral dresses taking on the colors of the fall leaves. Check out the detailing:

This dress manages to incorporate colors of peach, maroon, mustard yellow, light purple and black!

Here are two from the 2008 Robert Cavalli Collection:

Robert Cavalli

Robert Cavalli

Fall Floral

Fall Floral

This year, purple is a hot color on the fall runways. Anything that is jewel-toned is also a hot commodity this season. Here’s a purple dress with tiny baby’s breath:

I can imagine it paired off with tights and Mary Janes. I love the tiny bursts of teal and fushia colors! This next one is similar but has more burgundy and maroon. It still incorporates the front ruffling detail but it’s sleeveless. I can imagine it worn with a long cardigan and a skinny belt:

Here’s our kimono style dress in maroon:

2. Choose a floral dres with background colors of neutrals like gray, brown, camel and navy blue

Take our kimono style dress as an example. The gray backdrop of the tiny flowering branches and black paneling makes it an easy piece to transition from spring to fall. Plus the longer length of the sleeves and skirt bottom make it weather appropriate.

We also have the kimono style dress in rich navy blue hues:

Here’s an example of a dress that uses shades of tan and brown. It was created by super model Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk. I especially love its puffy sleeves and V-neckline:

This next brown dress would be cute worn with a cream cardigan and tall boots:

The next section is all about how to wear these lovely floral dresses when the weather starts cooling off. One word to keep in mind: layer!

3. Accessorize and pair it with slouchy boots or knee high boots

4. Layer it over a turtleneck

Copy this look seen on the Anna Sui runway:

The long necklace and  same colored tights/shoes works well with this look so the dress takes front and center. Here’s another example:

5. Wear it under a belted cardigan

I like the look of a cardigan not fully buttoned with a belt over the entire ensemble. Here are three examples:

6. Wear the dress with tights, a blazer and a scarf

Check out this lady and her awesome ensemble. She manages to wear the cutest mustard yellow skirt/dress (can’t tell from the picture) in the cool weather by pairing it off with a fitted blazer and matching scarf.

And, she knows how to accessorize! Notice the matching shoes, tights, gloves,wrist warmers, and umbrella!

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