70’s Style + Modern Hip Hop

{my friend Heather, the photographer for this photo shoot. All photos taken by Iphone}

Back in the 90s, I met a woman who opened my world to fashion. I don’t remember her name or what she even looked like. She was just a family friend, an angel who passed down her polyester plaid pants from the 70s to me.

“Midori, here. I want you to have these. They don’t fit me anymore. I loved these pants, but now I want you to have them.”

The moment I got home, I shimmied into those lovely pants and felt like a million bucks. They fit just right, like they were meant for me. I wore them all through high school, and have kept them in my wardrobe ever since.

Fashion may not be the most important thing in the world, but there’s no denying that it can uplift my spirit and give me the kind of instant confidence boost I need just when I’m needing it. And that’s the real gift that this woman gave me. She thought she gave me a pair of pants, but what she really gave that insecure, wallflower of a girl was something bright, colorful, attention drawing, and JUST what she needed to give her a taste of confidence.

With this photo shoot, I brought back those beloved 70’s plaid pants and added modern hip hop elements: an oversized trucker hat(thrifted), a slouchy off the shoulder shirt(Target) and classic red converse(thrifted). Is there an item in your closet that reminds you of when you first fell in love with clothes?

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