a bright blazer.

There was a time when bright blazers invoked visions of oversized, boxy tops from the 80’s with football player sized shoulder pads. Not a pretty picture. Nowadays, bright blazers are more fitted, less bulky, and even have a slightly soft, flowy look to them. I have a black blazer, but I think it’s time for a little pop of neon or a bright sunny yellow. I find that the most flattering way to wear a blazer is with rolled up sleeves if it is slightly on the long side:

or with sleeves kept long if it is slightly more cropped:

Source: look.co.uk via Midori on Pinterest

The thing to remember so that the blazer balances out the frame is to make sure that your sleeve length never ends where your blazer length ends. This is one way to avoid either being drowned by the blazer or getting the “boxy” look.

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