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amazon baby registry
maternity mondays

Maternity Mondays: Amazon Baby Registry Must Have Items From a Second Time Mom

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m pregnant, I’ll be featuring maternity outfits and sharing pregnancy and baby tips. Today’s tip is about essentials to have on your Amazon baby registry. 

Amazon baby registry must have items according to a second time mom

From my first time around, these were essentials, can’t live without items I had to have on my Amazon baby registry looking back.

Nose Frida: Nothing sucks out those boogers better to give baby instant relief from congested nostrils.

Velcro swaddle blankets: My baby loved to swaddle. Unfortunately for me, no matter how much I tried, I could not get the swaddle concept right or tight enough. He always managed to wiggle out. These velcro swaddle blankets were my savior!

A bouncer: My kiddo loved sitting on this thing watching what I was doing. A place to put baby when you have to do other things and don’t just want to put him/her on a blanket on the floor.

A swing: For those times when you can’t get them to sleep.

A baby playmat: For teaching and entertaining baby in one spot.

This pump bra: So I could have both hands free while pumping.

Nursing covers: Because I felt like covering up in public but still nursing. I used nursing covers over my baby carrier to nurse in public hands free. I liked the ease and simplicity of the nursing covers that just had a band to put over my head quickly.

Nipple shields: I bled when I first started to breastfeed! These were life saving.

A baby carrier: I got the Kinderpack later on, but Amazon also has some great baby carrier options. A baby carrier allowed me to leave the house and breastfeed in public while having my hands free! It allowed me to get stuff done around the house while wearing baby.

The breastfriend: much better than the wobbly Boppy. It’s sturdy and has a belt to wear it securely!

Forehead thermometer: because baby can’t stay still for any other kind.

Where you can get items similar to what I’m wearing

My favorite fedora, great for a big head. 

Round cat eye nude sunglasses. 

Black lace up booties. 

A navy blue floral maternity dress. 

Similar coats:


amazon baby registry

Since having a first baby, here’s what are my must haves for an Amazon baby registry.

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