Another Idea on What to Wear with Bright Stilettos

When it comes to creating an outfit with the “pop of color” trend, neutrals are key

I think it’s easiest to wear bright stilettos when everything, or most everything is neutral. Bright stilettos can too easily fall into the category of “trashy” attire, the very opposite of laid back, effortless, chic style, so I’m always careful when I wear them.

For example, if you wear them with a tight, bright, off the shoulder bodycon dress, you would more likely be mistaken as a Playboy bunny rather than the Sartorialist’s next photography inspiration. Ditto with anything short, tight and animal print.

So how do you wear bright stilettos without looking “slutty?” You let the bright, sexy shoe be the star of the show. Nothing else should distract from all it’s glory:) That’s why neutrals with a pop of color works wonderfully.

Remember the star of the show doesn’t want to share her spotlight!


I work in a neutral palette: black white and cream (on the hat)-



Mixing masculine + feminine pieces = instant cool

And I LOVE mixing masculine and feminine elements to make any outfit. It amps up the “cool” factor in any outfit, I swear! In this outfit I mixed the masculine elements: men’s fedora + menswear inspired pinstripe waistcoat (vest) with the feminine elements: sheer, billowy sleeves + sexy pink stilettos. And tada! You can wear your hot pink stilettos with class:)

{hat from Burlington Coat Factory men’s department, thrifted waistcoat (Value Village), white blouse from Target, black hot pants from Jcrew, pink stilettos from Kohls}

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