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Are You Ready For Fall? Two Go-To Fall Essentials

Honestly, I’m not excited about fall like so many people are. My favorite season here in Seattle is summer. Summers here are like springs in Texas. Mild, moderate, lovely. Most days are sunny and somewhere in the 70s. When it gets into the 80s, people are already dying of heat. lol. Then when autumn comes, it just makes me think, This is the beginning of the end. For me, it means the end of heat:( and the beginning of 6 months of cold.

My mom says Seattle is like 6 months of heaven and 6 months of hell, and she’s pretty spot on. Fortunately, fall is beautiful and the cold is just enough so that you can warm up and get all cozy in big, yummy sweaters (can sweaters be yummy?) I’m still searching for the perfect cozy over sized sweater,

and right now my two fall essentials are a striped scarf:

and worn in brown leather boots:

My favorite boots have buckles and hardware, at the top and on the ankle.

I especially love this scarf because it has almost every earth tone on it! This means I can throw it on almost every fall outfit I own. It’s bound to have one of the colors on it. For example, there’s the blue in it to match my pleated skirt. I love this skirt because of the little extra purse thing. (because it’s as close as I can get to wearing a fanny pack)

What are your fall essentials?

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