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friday find

Friday Find: Style Tips and Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

Baby & Toddler Clothing Style Tips for Boys

These are just things that I incorporate for my little guy. If you like the outfits I posted, here’s what I focus on when I dress my toddler boy.

  1. Accessories are everything. They really are what make the outfit. Noah always gets compliments on his baby and toddler clothing, but to be honest he wears pretty plain clothing. The thing that sets him apart I think is that he’s always wearing either a hat, suspenders, or sunglasses. Either that or he has a third piece of clothing like a vest or cardigan. It’s that something extra that makes people look twice.
  2. I dress my toddler in clothes a grown up would wear. I rarely put him in cutesy clothes with words or cartoons. When he’s dressed, he just looks like a little man.
  3. To save money I get all my baby & toddler clothing free from Buy Nothing groups on Facebook or hand me downs from other moms and friends. I pass along the stuff with too many cutesy character prints and cartoons and save all the ones that are plain clothes that a grown man would wear.  The only thing I spend on is accessories like hats and suspenders. They really make all the difference!

Here are some cute suspenders if you’re in the market:

And some cute hats:

A flat cap. 

A blue beanie. 

A straw fedora. 

 A baseball cap with a flat bill. 

And if your kiddo doesn’t like to wear hats, if you or daddy wear them all the time, he will be more willing to do the same. Hope these tips help!

baby & toddler clothing

Accessories make the outfit!

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