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Beauty Secrets That are Helping 40 Something Asian Celebrities Stay Young

Li Gong

She looks like she could be your 20-something son’s hot girlfriend, but actually she’s probably a peer. You might remember her in 2005’s movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, as the evil but beautiful Hatsumomo. She was also the love interest of Colin Farrell in Miami Vice. She was born on December 31, 1965, making her actually 42 years old! What are the beauty secrets of this beautiful Chinese celebrity?

According to the online fansite, admiringgongli.com, Gong admits to sometimes sleeping more than 10 hours a night. The interviewer also spotted some Lancome creams on her vanity table. Other than that, her secrets to a youthful glow remain a mystery. Or do you think she had plastic surgery? Hmm… If your curious, check out the Plastic Surgery Guide.

Michelle Yeoh

She is a Malaysian born actress who has starred in such movies as Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha. At 45 years old, she looks amazing! According to several websites including cheatymonkey.com, celebritybeautysecrets.net and focusonstyle.com, Michelle cleanses her face with lemon juice and water!

Tia Carrera

This stunning Chinese/Spanish/Filipino actress who got discovered at a grocery store for her first role in Aloha Summer and later became famous for her role in Wayne’s World was born on Jan 2, 1967. At 41 years old, she looks more like she’s still in her 20’s! I wanted to find out the scoop on her beauty regime! After scouring through websites, all I could find regarding Tia’s beauty regime is that she loves to work out, especially dance! There’s no arguing that exercise is a natural anti-ager!

Vivian Chow

She is a Hong Kong based singer and actress. She was born on November 10, 1967. Of all the Asian women in their 40’s, I have found the most information on Vivian revealing her beauty secrets! In an interview in vivianchow.info, she answers this question from a fan:

Question: Hi Vivian, what is your trick to staying young and pretty for all these years? I can’t find any evidence of aging on your face at all. Is it something you eat regularly or some sort of exercise you do or a certain kind of skin care you use? Please share your strategy with us so we can all stay young and pretty like you do =). Thank you =) .

Answer: Keeping the body and the heart healthy should preserve your youthfulness. For the body – I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, don’t have a late night lifestyle, and I pay attention to what I eat and drink. For the heart – I’m really still a kid at heart and I’m an easily satisfied person.

She also goes into more specifics regarding the makeup she uses!

Question: Hello Vivian, would you mind sharing some tips about your makeup and which brands you use? You look very stunning and flawless all the times! Thanks!

Answer I mainly use Shiseido and Clarins skin care products. I don’t have a habit of going out to do facials. Once in a while, I would apply a hydrating mask at home and that’s all. Regarding makeup products, I like using products by Shu-uemura, Covermark, and Clinique.

Maricel Soriano

She is one of the highest paid Filipino actresses in Philippine Cinema. She was born on February 25, 1965. One of her beauty secrets is loving her job! That makes sense, since people spend the most time at their jobs. Being positive certainly helps and has a positive effect on the way people look.

After doing research for this article, I think what’s not being said, but something that is pretty obvious is that most Asian women stay out of the sun because most Asian cultures don’t promote the tanning of the skin and instead promote whitening products and sunscreen. So grab a hat, slather on some sunscreen and take notes from these 40-something youthful Asian celebrities!

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  1. Aubrey M

    My understanding from the article is that the secret to Asian beauties’ seemingly eternal youth are a healthy lifestyle (devoid of stress, smoking, junk food and full of good food, exercise and happiness)..and ofcourse- their penchant to preserve or achieve fair skin!!

  2. MidoriLei

    that sounds just about right Aubrey M!

  3. Maggie

    Is skin whitening really safe, or just a romour.

  4. MidoriLei

    Maggie, I think that skin whitening is such a recent development that we don’t know the long term affects of it:( so I don’t know if it’s safe.

  5. asian celebrity

    nice asian celebrity

  6. Jennifer Powell

    i like asian women because of their exotic looks and mild mannered personality*.,

  7. Marissa

    Asian skin is a little bit different from others and it looks much to Southamerican skin. If you want to know more about the rejuvenating secrets and how to keep a beautiful appearance, visit my blog. http://www.unpocotondetodo.blogspot.com

  8. Olivia Smith

    i would love to marry asian women eventhough they are not as sexy as western women. asian women have great manners and prioritizes the family so much “-:

  9. pinkblings

    In reply to Olivia Smith, I actually think Asian women are more attractive than Western women. That’s just my opinion….

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