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Friday Find: Something Simple I Look Forward to Doing Every Night During my Bedtime Routine

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but for the duration of my pregnancy, I’m only doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return after I deliver. Today I’m sharing a part of my bedtime routine that I look forward to every night. 

My bedtime routine

Do you have a bedtime routine? After I put Noah to bed, I follow my bedtime routine. Some things I do, I’m sure everyone does. But there’s one thing that’s a part of my bedtime routine that is super simple and immensely gratifying. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Here’s my bedtime routine in no particular order:

Wash my face and take off products.

I use sunflower or safflower oil as a makeup remover around my eyes because this oil is acne safe.

Apply products on my face.

I use mostly Emme Diane products because they are acne safe.

Brush and floss my teeth while doing kegels.

Hahaha. No really I’m serious.  I use unwaxed over waxed floss for a better clean.

Use witch hazel on a cotton pad all over my neck and behind my ears.  

Washing my face doesn’t get behind my ears and on my neck.

Use a wet wipe below the belt front and back.

Showers are in the mornings but I want to go to bed fresh!

Put on my eyelash serum. 

Spritz on three spays of deodorant.

I’m obsessed with this natural one. Again want to go to bed fresh.

Put on dry shampoo.

I use this method with cornstarch! and don’t brush it out. It disappears by morning with the excess hair oil build-up at night. I can’t stand oily, flat hair.

Put on hand lotion.

I use this because all the ingredients are acne safe in case I touch my face or skin in the middle of the night.

The simple but Immensely satisfying part of my bedtime routine:

And now for what you’ve been waiting for.

I use a back scratcher!

Have you ever used one? You don’t even know your back is itchy until you run it across. It feels so good. My bestie got me this one from Amazon with a retractable arm. Love it. I look forward to this simple, sensual, and pleasurable part of my bedtime routine every night.

What are some things you do during your bedtime routine? I’d love to know.


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