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Simple + Casual

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As an apple body shape, this is my favorite top and my favorite pair of jeans. Read below for why.

*Will this outfit work on your body type? All my outfits emphasize flattering an apple shape -wider shoulders/narrow hips. In this picture I am 5’1′ 140lbs. I am petite and also have a high waist and short torso.

An apple body shape looks great in dolman tops

As someone who has an apple body shape, dolman tops are some of my favorite tops.  I’m pretty much obsessed with the Agnes and Dora dolman top (what I’m wearing). It’s soft, stretchy, 3/4th sleeves, and doesn’t show back fat. It is also the perfect length with just a little bit of “hug” at the bottom of the shirt, creating some horizontal lines right at the hip level. This balances out the apple shape by creating width in that area.

It’s loose, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bag. I think it looks especially great on an apple shape because it hugs at the forearms, goes looser on the upper arms, hugs the hips, but goes looser around the mid-section. Basically it hugs in all the right places and loosens up on an apple shape’s trouble areas. The Agnes and Dora top specifically is great because  when you wash it, it doesn’t pill, just stays smooth and silky soft feeling. 

An apple body shape looks great in boot cut jeans

When an apple shape wears skinny jeans, it can be kinda tricky. If I’m not careful to wear a fitted top, I’ll basically look like a popsicle when I’m wearing skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans do the same thing. Wide leg jeans don’t give much shape either. The best cut for an apple shape is a high rise, long boot cut jean.  The low-rise fit is uncomfortable, and you’ll always feel self conscious. You’ll find yourself tugging it up all day long and hoping you don’t show too much when you bend over. The mid rise adds bulk to the waist and can create a muffin top. The perfect cut is high rise because it is both comfortable and flattering. The high rise covers the mid-section but doesn’t add bulk to the waist area. Ideally, you’ll want to find a high rise that sits at your natural waist.

Where you can get items similar to what I’m wearing

The newsboy hat

More dolman top options

The boot cut jeans

The peep toe booties

Want more ideas on how to dress an apple body shape?

How to choose a denim jacket that doesn’t make you look boxy. 

As an apple shape, one of the goals is to widen the hip area to balance out wide shoulders. Here’s how to do it. 

If you have a hard time wearing a top with horizontal stripes, try this trick.

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