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Friday Find: Find out More about Me in This Interview with Moms with Mics

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The best podcasts in my opinion are ones where two people talk to each other instead of just having one person speaking. Check out Moms with Mics! Love their banter!

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a baby, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

One of the Best Podcasts for moms

Have you heard about the fun new podcast with Kristen and Emily, two super sweet and funny moms from Oregon? Since I love alliterations, to me they chose the best name ever– “Moms with Mics.” They are sister in laws and best buds. ¬†Listening to their podcast makes you feel like you’re having a play date with two of your favorite mom friends- the kind who are non judgmental, authentic and fun. But most importantly, make you laugh!

Last week they interviewed me. Want to know some really personal stuff about me?

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What it feels like being 100% extrovert.
  • The real difference between introversion and extroversion.
  • Why I get more done around the house when I make time to fit in play dates most days of the week.
  • How I found out that fashion blogging was my true calling.
  • My past struggle with binge eating disorder. What caused it and how I recovered.
  • How I fit time in to blog with kids in the mix.

Check it out here!

Subscribe and follow “Moms with Mics” for future episodes here.¬†

This is the book I recommend for anyone who suffers from binge eating disorder. It changed my life! I also got the recovery guide and joined their Facebook group.

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