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best salads
friday find

Friday Find: In My Opinion These Two Are the Best Salads You Can Find in a Bag

best salads

These are the best salads! Read below to why I think so.


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**I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but for the duration of my pregnancy, I’m only doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return after I deliver. 

The simple reason why I hate lettuce based salads

No leftovers. Since I’m a busy mom and pregnant in my third trimester, and I hate to cook, it seems like a waste of time for me to prepare something that can only be eaten in one sitting. All the lettuce based salads have to be eaten right away. Nobody really wants to eat a soggy lettuce salad the next day.

The solution?!  Simple! Now when I make salads, I try to make them cabbage, kale, or broccoli based. Then I can eat them the next day! Yay! I have leftovers.

The search for the best salads in a bag

I’ve tried a lot of bagged salads in my quest to find salads worth repeating. These two below are my favorite flavors and are cabbage based. This is saying a lot because I actually don’t like salads. These salads have some lettuce in them but since they are cabbage based, they have a little crunch still the next day. They were recommended by my bestie, Lynne who has the best suggestions. I’ll be posting more of her great suggestions in future posts.

Taylor Farms Southwest Chopped Kit

I love making this salad and cooking up some grilled chicken with cajun seasoning, or a blackened chicken, or any kind of  grilled chicken with a little kick. My favorite way to cook chicken when I don’t have a grill available is to season a  boneless chicken thigh and pan fry in grape seed oil or coconut oil for six minutes each side (covered). This almost always makes them the right temperature (165) and thighs are always more tender than chicken breast.

Taylor Farms Asian Chopped Kit

My favorite thing to eat with this Asian chopped salad is to pan fry  a boneless tilapia or salmon filet in grape seed oil or coconut oil. It just needs a good sprinkle of salt and pepper on both sides and needs to be browned on both sides. Rest the filet on some paper towels after to soak up excess oil. So simple and so delicious!

Do you have any favorite salads? I’d love to try them.



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