I’m Midori.

I’m obsessed with clothes.

Remember Alicia Silverstone in Clueless— where she had polaroids of all her outfits? That’s what this blog is all about– a collection of all the outfits I put together with random beauty and accessory obsessions thrown in for good measure.

Will my outfits work on your body type? All my outfits emphasize flattering an apple shape -wider shoulders/narrow hips. Currently I am 5’1′ 140lbs.  I am petite and also have a high waist and short torso.

Friday Finds are a weekly feature talking about any random discovery I’m currently obsessed with (or a sponsored post). You know how you find the best cookie or mascara, an obscure but well made Netflix chick flick, or the most amazing  dim sum in an abandoned strip mall– and the first thing you want to do is share it with your bestie? That’s what Fridays are about. That’s where you will find my honest recommendations. Fridays I write about subjects that inspire and truly get me excited to share, stuff I feel others would appreciate knowing, and topics I am passionate about.

When I worked as a makeup artist for Sephora, I remember complimenting a woman on her hair color, and I asked her where she got it done. Can you believe she completely ignored me?! Ugh. Some women are like that. They want to hoard all their secrets and good finds. My goal is to be the complete opposite and share what I come across. Where’d you get those jeans? What lipstick are you wearing? Who’s your hairdresser?

I truly believe the magic happens when women stop competing and start collaborating.

I’ll share what outfits I’m loving and cool things I’ve discovered, and please feel free to comment and share your own discoveries.

You can contact me at contact@midorilei.com


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