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Black, White and Pink Stiletto.

Today is Nate’s birthday! He’s 32. Hubby hates taking pictures. (this is one of the few pics he let me take)

Happy birthday Nate and Esther! (isn’t this a cute Polaroid?!)

OMG and I found this pic of Nate in high school. Looking at this brings me back to 1996 when I fell for him the first time.  Those blue eyes! (I’ll ignore the Lance Bass highlights ;)lol)  If you don’t know our story, we dated when I was a freshman for 11 months, then my daddy broke us up (how Romeo and Juliet!) and we didn’t see each other for 12 years. Then we reconnected through his twin sister on myspace. Ahh, thank God for the Internet.I found out later that when we dated, he didn’t have a car yet, so he’d bike a couple of miles every day back and forth from his house to my boarding school just to come spend an hour with me during recreation time. I thought it was sweet. And I don’t think it gets any sweeter to be married to the best man I know. {sigh} I’m filled with gratitude.

We are going to a nice steakhouse with his twin sister and his stepmom (who also has the same bday). Tomorrow I’m making him sour cream buttermilk waffles stuffed with cream cheese and topped with berries and whipped cream. mmmm…What are you doing this weekend?


Anyhow, onto fashion:) I got this black and white bold striped shirt at Kohls (again). You can find it online here. And in case you’re wondering, you can get the pink Rock and Republic shoes here. 

For a limited time (until October 24) Kohls is offering readers 10% off:) You can use the code UBLOGTEN.

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