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Body Positive Beauty

Body Positive Beauty: Mikhaela Adarve

Our body positive beauty today is Mikhaela. She’s a travel blogger who promotes sustainable fashion! I’m excited to share her interview today because she inspires me to really look at beauty in a different way.

I love that you are a travel blogger featuring sustainable fashion! What is sustainable fashion exactly?

I know this is still fresh and new for everyone but sustainable fashion is the concept of upcycling old clothes into new ones. Instead of buying new and trendy clothes, you can choose to be a trendsetter while minimizing pollution that comes from the fashion industry. For example, you can try to spice up your wardrobe with tie-dying some of your old clothes to make them more colorful and trendy.

Tie dye is really trending right now, and I do love the idea of altering clothing I already own. Aside from sustainable fashion, I know you also encourage your followers to practice self-love. What are some ways you help yourself feel more confident or ways you practice self-love?

I think people have the misconception that confidence comes from feeling good externally, but I feel that it’s not about the physical appearance at all. True confidence has to come from within yourself. If you dye your hair, wear cute earrings, what happens when your roots grow in or you take off your earrings? We all deep down want others to like us, but none of these external things we do to achieve what we really want, which is the feeling that we belong, are lasting.

You must need to know deep down that your worth is unshakable as well as your purpose for being in this world. You can’t keep trying to meet every one else’s expectations because that is impossible. Different people want different things from you. It’s better to meet your own expectations, but in order to do that, you have to know first what you expect of yourself.

Wow that is soo profound, especially coming from someone so young. Wisdom from the mouth of babes! You have your focus in the right place. You already know the inside is way more important than the outside. I’m curious- Have you ever or do you ever struggle with body image issues? What do you think causes these issues and how do you deal with them?

Body image issues are seriously making all of us women feel less beautiful. As women, one of our weaknesses is that we tend to notice our negative features more than our positive features. I know I do it too. Sometimes I feel like people stare at my legs whenever I wear shorts or skirts. I automatically start to think that they must think I have thick thighs. I always felt bothered, but now I realize I shouldn’t be. My body is beautiful. Really, who knows what they are thinking? Maybe they think I have great legs because all people have different preferences in body types.

It really isn’t any of my business what they think of my thighs or any other parts of my body. What matters is that I feel good about the body I’m in because it’s the only one I’m ever going to get.

Wow I never thought of it like that– that it really isn’t my business to know or care what other people think of my body. You’re right, the existence of my physical body in their world doesn’t affect them one bit. Talking about being comfortable in the body that we have, I’m curious, what do you think makes a person beautiful?

A beautiful person is someone who accepts that they make mistakes, have flaws, and go through struggles but despite all that, they have a good heart and an open personality. Accepting your humanity makes you more beautiful because by accepting your own humanity, you allow others to also be their fully flawed human selves too. And vulnerability is soo soo beautiful. You can have it all– if you know what this “all” is that I’m referring to. Beauty doesn’t rely on having great physical features. When you meet someone, and you so earnestly want to know them, your beauty shines. Your openness makes you a light in your community. Everyone just wants to be truly known, you know? In this way, everyone can shine.

Makhaela, you’re really making me think about beauty differently and in a good way. Despite your focus on beauty that is internal, you also have great style! How would you describe your style? Is there anyone who you’re inspired by?

I have various styles. Some days I dress more like some of my girl crushes. Sometimes, I’m into boyish casual styles, other days I just want to wear a sweet floral dress. My style is free and depends on my mood mostly. I’ve been into fashion since I was nine years old. I think my style is inspired by famous celebs like Nadine Lustre, Kendall Jenner, and Donghun of A.C.E.

Do you have any favorite online clothing retailers?

My recent favorites are Chuu, Stylenanda, Penshoppe, H&,M, and Rosea Vintage.

Thank you so much Makhaela! I really enjoyed learning from you. Where can people find you?

Thanks! I’m on Instagram here. You can also check out my blog here and my Youtube channel here.  

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