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friday find

Friday Find: What to Get Your Husband, the Adrenaline Junkie, Steak Lover, And Father of the Year

buy a gift

Here are some great ideas to buy a gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life.

Buy a gift for the adrenaline junkie that he’ll love

My husband is the all time adrenaline junkie. He has jumped out of a plane twice, broken his ribs more than once in class 3 rapids whitewater kayaking and also playing Racquetball. He has finished Tough Mudder, volunteered as a firefighter for 6 years, and he loves having his coffee hanging from a skyscraper, watching the sun rise. If it’s something that challenges him or gives him that thrill of danger, he’s game. I’ve been married to Nate for over 7 years and have found that as much as he loves adrenaline, he isn’t one to spend on himself for experiences. That’s where I come in! It’s fun to buy him gifts knowing they are things he may not think of getting himself.

Gifts I’ve given Nate over the years:

buy a gift

Let him show off his steak grilling skills with a signature brand.

A brand and carving board for his steak with his initials because every grill master secretly wants to mark his masterpiece.


buy a gift

What adrenaline junkie wouldn’t want the thrill of racing at the highest speeds possible?

A gift certificate for a day at the tracks because he’s always wanted to know what it felt like to race next to a Lamborghini.

buy a gift

He’ll love getting someone else’s car dirty and getting to race off road.

A gift certificate to learn how to drive in a drag race because you know he wouldn’t spend that kind of money on himself but would really enjoy the day.

buy a gift

hubby loved his custom leather motorcycle bag.

A custom size leather bag for him to put his lunchbox in when he drives to work in his Bonneville.

buy a gift

Ok, the Lemonheads were mine.

His favorite filet mignon medium steak with Montreal Steak Seasoning and your famous Pioneer Women’s mashed potatoes for dinner followed by an hour long massage, because that’s all he really wants anyways.

Is your partner an adrenaline junkie too? What are some hit gifts you’ve given him/her? I’d love to know.


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