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Brown Eyes + Blue Eyeshadow Take Two

Nose + Contour

I use this tutorial to do a nose contour There are many ways to contour your nose. Some people use cream pencils, but because I'm a busy mom and need…
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Rich + Rosy

What is that lipstick shade? It's a lipliner from Sephora collection- a $5 Nano lip liner in #14- "Radiant Rosy." The universally flattering lipshade I've found as a makeup artist…
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Highlight + Shimmer

Why do people wear highlighter on their cheekbones? Highlighter looks great day or night. In the day it gives your look that extra grown up shimmer. Your face looks luminous,…
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Smokey Eyes + Nude Lips

The easiest smokey eyes tutorial Put lid primer all over your lid. I don't have a favorite. Why does it matter? It intensifies your eyeshadow, helps things blend better, and…
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Squinch + Smize

What's the deal with squinching and smizing? Squinching and a smizing are basically the same thing-- smiling with your eyes, or not allowing your eyes to be fully open. Fully…