Hair How-To

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Blonde Hair + Yellow Skin Tones

low bun, bun, bun hairstyles

Low Bun + Long Bangs

Sometimes you want something a little more sophisticated beyond a ponytail, but not difficult. A low bun is perfect for this. What you need for this easy low bun look…
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Volume Then + Volume Now

  Volume where you want it That's what a root booster does. I think most people (unless you have very fine straight hair) have no problem getting volume in the…
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Blowout + Body

I've always wanted more volume in my hair (I'm from Texas, what can I say?) so I tried this tutorial from Cup of Jo, one of my favorite blogs. They…
MidoriLei wears her hair straight and wears an orange tube top

Straight + Sedu

The hair tools brand I trust With naturally wavy and uncontrollable hair, my Sedu has been my can't live without beauty splurge. When it comes to choosing a hair straightener,…
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