…A Fun Makeover


…Playing with White Balance

Without white balance manipulation With white balance manipulation (using no flash) A couple of months ago, I took a beginner DSLR photography course through REDred Photo School and Studio in…

Jennifer’s Arbonne Makeover

Hanging out with the girls yesterday was so much fun. We had mimosas, pastries and did makeovers. If you haven't been introduced to Arbonne products before, check them out! They…

Susan’s Makeover

I did a makeover yesterday for my step mom-in-law. We met up at Target, I picked out a couple of items she didn't already have in her makeup bag (a…

Heather’s Makeover Day

Yesterday was a blast. My friend Heather and I went for bike rides, did facial masks, painted our nails and I did a full on makeover (hair, eyebrows, makeup) and…

What This Blog is About

Hi Ladies, Sorry I've only now just posted my about page! Here it is: Welcome to I'm Midori (my middle name is Lei- pronounced like the Hawaiian flower necklace),…

5 Reasons Why Eyebrows are Important

As an amateur makeup artist with 13 years of experience in giving makeovers, I consider myself a makeover minimalist. When I give makeovers my goal isn't to highlight the makeup and hide the person, but to accentuate a person's features and cover flaws, while giving minimal attention to the actual makeup. If I had perfect skin I'd probably just curl my lashes and put on some blush and lip gloss. This comes from having two brothers who have always had the opinion that makeup shouldn't really be all that noticeable. Men like to see the person, not the makeup. Or, as one brother  says, "If she looks amazing with all that makeup and it's pretty obvious that she's wearing it, you start to wonder what she's hiding. You have this fear... what does she look like without all of that?" Or to put it in perspective the guy's thinking long term. If he were married to you, what would you look like first thing in the morning?