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6 Ways to Wear a Solid Vest

2 Things I Look for in Vintage Print Dresses

Two things. Delicate florals and tiny polka dots. This is vintage at its best for me. Regardless of whether or not something is vintage, I still prefer small prints, that's why I'm a fan of delicate florals and tiny polka dots. If you don't know why I'm a fan of small prints, it's because they are universally flattering on all shapes and sizes. Here are some great tiny polka dot dresses:

1940's Dress

Pretty in Peach: The Color that Looks Good on Every Woman

I think this is a universal truth: Peach looks good on everyone! It brightens women's faces and softens any look. I really think it's the most feminine color out there. But that's just me. You might be saying, No Way! It's Pink! or Red! Pink can look feminine for sure, but it's also associated with that over the top, bubble gum, barbie doll, girly froth. Red can look feminine too, but it's also associated with anger, passion and heat. Peach. It's perfectly sweet. Perfectly feminine without being over the top. It has the bright happiness associated with orange and the lovely girliness associated with pink, but the combination balances everything out. So that's a little bit of color theory for 'ya by yours truly:) I'm going to try to find as many people with varied skin tones wearing different shades of peach to prove my point!

Part IV:Fall Floral Looks Straight from the Runway

This is the last segment of a four part series featuring fall floral looks found on the 2008 Fall runway. Part one featured jewel toned floral dresses. Part two featured muddied or art-inspired floral dresses, and part three featured black and white floral dresses. This last part features the look of floral print on a white or black background. In part two, I showcased similar art-inspired dresses from Dennis Basso and Erin Fetherston. Both designers also showcased a floor length floral number with a black backdrop! This first one is from Dennis Basso's collection. [caption id="attachment_822" align="aligncenter" width="325"]2008 Fall Collection 2008 Fall Collection[/caption]

Part III:Fall Floral Looks Straight from the Runway

In parts I and II, I showcased jewel toned and muddied floral looks found on the fall runway. Part III will feature black and white fall floral looks. This look is pretty straight forward. The dresses all have black and white floral prints. Bill Blass featured two in his collection. This first one is a sheath with bold black flowers and some black polka dots. It features a asymmetrical collar. [caption id="attachment_802" align="aligncenter" width="325"]2008 Fall Collection 2008 Fall Collection[/caption]

Part II:Fall Floral Looks Straight from the Runway

In Part I, I showed examples from the runway of Fall Floral looks that featured jewel tones. Part II features the fall floral look of "muddied" floral.  Muddied floral is exactly what it sounds like: floral that looks muddy. Muddied floral prints don't have borders, the floral just runs into each other. This look may remind you of a watercolor painting of abstract flowers. Some print even has shades of brown that really give the appearance of muddied floral! Another variation of this look is busy, art-inspired floral. The best example of muddied floral I could find is from the Jovovich-Hawk collection. It actually looks "muddy." This is probably because it has a swampy green and brown palette. muddied floral

Part I:Fall Floral Looks Straight from the Runway

In this four part series, I'm going to showcase the top four ways floral was featured on the runways for the Fall 2008 collections.  By far the most popular trend has been wearing floral prints in bright, jewel-toned colors. Part I will show you some inspirational pieces from the runway to help you achieve this look.
What exactly is a jewel-toned color? Basically, it's any variation of color that resembles a gem. Here are some gems to give you an idea of what a jewel-toned color is:
[caption id="attachment_729" align="aligncenter" width="500"]different gems different gems[/caption]

5 Ways to Wear Floral Dresses in the Fall

Most people can see floral dresses worn in spring and possibly in the summer months, but fall? Can floral dresses really be worn in the fall? I'm absolutely in love with floral dresses, and I want to be able to wear them year round! Here's how I get away with wearing floral dresses when the leaves start changing. 1. Choose a floral dress in rich colors like purple, burgundy, hunter green, rustic orange It's not a surprise that fall floral dresses take on deeper hues and spring's pastels are set aside. Many of the muted colors match the changing colors of the trees. This dress by T-Bags is a perfect example of floral dresses taking on the colors of the fall leaves. Check out the detailing: This dress manages to incorporate colors of peach, maroon, mustard yellow, light purple and black!

Yay! TopShop USA!

One of my favorite stores has gone stateside! I'm so excited! Now we can Shop in dollars and use our sizing system. I just wanted to share some of my favorite outfits at TopShop USA right now, since they are every changing.

Of course I'm going to start with dresses, as I love dresses from the UK. Kate Moss has a superb collection. My favorite is this TopShop USA halter dress with embroidery on .

[caption id="attachment_902" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Kate Moss embroidered halter dress Kate Moss embroidered halter dress[/caption]

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