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coats & jackets

Coats & jackets- so much to choose from. These tips will help you in your search.

Coats & Jackets: How to Choose something stylish, figure flattering, and warm.

  1. Avoid super shiny fabrics. They add bulk.
  2. Puffer jackets are the warmest especially when stuffed with down. It’s warmer than leather or wool because it adds that extra cushioning. It actually hugs your body instead of just sitting next to your body like with leather and wool. It’s like you’re keeping warm covered in down pillows.
  3. Buy a jacket that hits mid-thigh for added warmth. Any longer can swallow the figure and look like you’re in a giant garbage bag.
  4. When choosing puffer jackets, always opt for one with a belt to cinch in the waist. Stretchy belts are the most comfortable.
  5. When choosing puffer jackets, the thinner the segments of down, the more flattering it will look. Avoid giant segments of down.
  6. Furry hoodies keep you warmer, to shield your head and face from cold winds. Choose a furry collar as well, especially if you are opting for a white puffer to avoid the collar from getting dirty with makeup.
coats & jackets

When I bought this white puffer jacket, I intentionally chose to have faux fur around the neckline to avoid the unflattering look of having makeup on my white collar.

Some coats & jackets with these elements

Long merlot puffer jacket with stretchy belt. 

Long navy colored puffer jacket with a belt and a furry hood. Black version. 

White puffer jacket with furry hood. 

Brown and black puffer jacket with furry hood. 

Want more tips on choosing coats & jackets?

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