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Friday Find: How to Not Get Sick Every Time Your LO Gets Sick

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You don’t have to give up baby kisses when he’s gotten the common cold–you just need these two immune boosters.

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My quest to obliterate the common cold

I’m one of those people who just hates getting sick. It throws off productivity and I feel miserable for a week or so. This silly common cold. Of all the medical advances, I’m amazed we still have to deal with this! I spent my whole adult life trying to find a way to stop a “throat tickle” from progressing into a full blown cold. ┬áZicam, Zinc Lozenges, Cold Eeze, and Airborne– I’ve trie them all. I took high doses of vitamin C and tried Emergen-C. Oh my goodness. And don’t get me started with that useless Echinacea. Nothing worked to actually truly shorten the duration of my cold to my approval. Nothing stopped the cold dead in its tracks.

Your LO and the common cold

Then I had a baby. With all his colds and his undeveloped immune system, I felt helpless. I felt like every time he got sick, it automatically meant my husband and I would get sick too. I didn’t want to stop giving him hugs and kisses just because he was sick. What was I to do?

The solution

After my lifelong search, I finally found the solution. It’s a two fold solution. Follow it exactly and I’d love to know your results. I know it works for myself and my husband. Here’s what I do.

At the first sign of my LO getting sick ( like a runny nose), I take the fullest dose of Ester C. This is the THE MOST POWERFUL form of Vitamin C because it works 24/7. Ester C is time released, so you don’t just pee it out. Also, it isn’t ascorbic acid so it won’t mess with your adrenals.

Sometimes this is all I need to prevent me from getting sick from my LO. But if the cold makes it past my Ester C trick…

At the first sign of me getting sick ( like a tickle in my throat), I take the fullest dose of Elderberry drops (that’s 10 full droppers per day). I chose this brand because it has no added sugar, sorbitol, or fructose. I do this for at least three days to stop the common cold from fully invading my body. Worst case scenario my husband and I have a tolerable sore throat for a few days, and then it disappears. It has never gone full blown runny nose for days, sleepless nights from congestion, and never never has it become a chest cold. You won’t find us coughing at our house.


Please report to me how it works for you if you follow my exact instructions. And please spread the word to any mom you know. This is seriously a life changing discovery for me.

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