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Friday Find: Everything is Cheaper with Community Sharing Services Versus Private Services

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Take a breather from life and treat yourself to community acupuncture or a foot massage. 

Making Holistic health treatments more affordable

If you know me, you know I’m huge on self care and treating yourself. I know it’s a luxury for most people to get services like massages and acupuncture because of the cost. Well, in my adult life I’ve discovered two things that have been game changing in terms of being able to afford these services regularly. The secret is that everything is cheaper when you get these treatments in a community setting instead of a private setting.

Foot massages

In a foot massage spa, you get a “foot” massage but it’s actually a full body massage with your clothes on the entire time.  You lay down on your back on a reclining chair, and they put your feet in hot water. They typically massage your head, neck and shoulders, move to your arms and hands, then they massage your feet. They have you turn over and then they do your back and legs. I have paid as little as $20 an hour for these services, and honestly I think the therapists are much better at these places than traditional massage places that charge $60-$100+ an hour. The big difference is that you are in a room full of other people getting the same treatment instead of in a private room with just your massage therapist.

Community Acupuncture

The same happens with community acupuncture. Instead of having a private session by yourself with an acupuncturist which can cost between $75- $100+ an hour, you have the same session in a room full of recliners and others getting treated as well. You still stay the entire hour but you pay about $15-$35 for the session instead.

These community service options for massage and acupuncture have been a life changing discovery for me in my adulthood! Now I feel I can budget them regularly into my wellness routine. If you’re new to these services, I recommend going on yelp and searching for “community acupuncture” or “foot massage” and just choosing a place that has great reviews. Good luck!

My recommendations for community acupuncture and foot massages in the Portland area

If you’re in the Portland area, I recommend going to Working Class Acupuncture for community acupuncture. They charge $15- $35 a session (you choose).

I recommend the foot massages at Relax Spa in Washington Square Mall for community massage.

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  1. Ethel Huizar

    Seems to me like community acupuncture would be better than normal acupuncture anyway even if it wasn’t cheaper… it gets pretty boring sitting in a room by yourself for half an hour. With other people there you could socialize a bit while you’re waiting for the acupuncture to “do its work” or whatever.

    • MidoriLei

      I’ve never been to a community acupuncture place where anyone talked but maybe it exists? I mostly always fall asleep during my sessions and almost everyone else in the room has their eyes shut usuaully.

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