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Currently Craving: What Do You Put on Your Popcorn?

Currently Craving: What Do You Put on Your Popcorn?
Reuben sandwich with fries and ketchup, salad with ranch dressing and Parmesan, caffeine free Roma coffee, ube polvoron, and popcorn.

Popcorn in a meal instead of as a snack

Since starting intermittent fasting and eating only OMAD (one meal a day), I’ve included snacks in my meals. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks!

How I discovered this combo

I discovered my favorite popcorn toppings thanks to a little  restaurant in Duvall, WA. Instead of serving bread and butter or olive oil before their meal, they serve popcorn. Now I get cravings for this popcorn topping often!

Popcorn toppings

  • Shaved (has to be shaved, not grated or shredded) Parmesan– you’re going to want big big chunks of cheese in each handful!
  • White or black truffle oil
  • flaky salt (flaky sticks better)

Have you tried this? It’s soo soo good! The truffle oil pairs so well with Parmesan. I also love drizzling truffle oil on top of potato soups or any creamy white soup or chowder. yummmm.

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