"> Cute Outfits for Apple Shapes: Scalloped White Shorts + Navy Top

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summer outfits

Navy + White

summer outfits, cute summer outfits, cute outfits

Stretchy scalloped shorts = the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn, and they make for cute outfits.

*Will this outfit work on your body type? All my outfits emphasize flattering an apple shape -wider shoulders/narrow hips. In these pictures I am 5’1′ 140lbs.  I am petite and also have a high waist and short torso.

Looking for ideas for cute outfits?

There’s something about any item of clothing getting a scalloped edge. This extra simple detail makes it a little more girly, cute, and feminine, but not so juvenile that an adult would look silly wearing it. Apple shapes look amazing in shorts, but the key to comfort is finding a stretchy waistband and making sure the shorts aren’t too short.

The top works because it’s dark and long sleeved and elongates the torso.

Where to Find items similar to what I’m wearing

This navy top is from Ann Taylor. I have the hardest time finding great silky tops. They always look too billowy in the back, and I end up looking bigger and my curves less defined. This one didn’t do that.  Here are a couple similar from Ann Taylor. 1. 2.

These white scalloped shorts are stretchy everywhere, even at the waist. From Kohls. A couple similar white scalloped shorts- 1.2.

Have you tried stretchy sling sandals? They look very similar to mine. Here are a few. 1. 2. 3.

What else can you add to an outfit to make it cute?

Men’s hats. Girls (and women)  in men’s hats. Definitely cute.

Large nerdy glasses are cute.

Tea dresses are a grown up girly kinda cute.

Pleated skirts and vintage bikes. Very.

And lastly, the slouchy beret that looks good on everyone. This for sure will up the cute factor.

summer outfits, cute summer outfits, cute outfits

Apple shapes look great in light colored shorts and dark tops.

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