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summer outfits, fedora, polka dot dress, beachy waves
Hair How-To

Classic Fedora + Easy Waves

cute summer outfits, fedora, polka dot dress, beachy waves, style, fashion

It’s the perfect combination to make cute summer outfits. 

I have been known to abuse my fedora wearing rights, but my favorite way to wear a fedora is with a summery/springy dress and easy breezy beach waves.

Where you can find items similar to what I’m wearing to create cute summer outfits

Everyone needs a few stretchy bandeau bras for low cut tops and dresses. Here’s a white one similar to what I’m wearing.

Want a red and white polka dot dress? Here’s another cute one but with a very retro feel. 

I always get my fedoras from the men’s section. 

What I use to make easy, soft (not crunchy) waves

This shape barrel makes these easy waves (the one I use is also by Remington). I section off my hair in large sections (about 5 sections total for my fine hair), and each section I curl away from the mirror.

I’m obsessed with John Frieda’s original serum. It makes my severely damaged hair look so shiny and keeps it styled but also soft. With just this serum I get this look- no hard crunchy hair from hairspray, gel, or mousse.   I apply a pump before I curl, comb my hair through slowly once, and add another pump after. I only comb my hair through once so it looks more like waves and not curls but doesn’t flatten it too much.

Easy breezy!

Want more easy waves inspiration?

If you want the waves a little more messy, here’s another look I do with waves using a different shaped barrel. 

Another picture of waves using that barrel shape. 

Want to know why this style dress is the most flattering on apple shapes?

I feature this exact same dress in this article and explain what makes it so flattering.

cute summer outfits, fedora, polka dot dress, beachy waves, style, fashion

You don’t need to have hard, crunchy hair to achieve these waves

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