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easy breakfast ideas
friday find

Friday Find:A Super Easy Recipe From My Once Personal Chef Sister-in-Law Becomes a Staple Breakfast Option

easy breakfast ideas

One of my favorite easy breakfast ideas!

The best easy breakfast ideas are recipes you can memorize

I’m one of those foodies who hates to cook. This means when I am in the kitchen, I’m happiest throwing something together that 1. doesn’t take a long time to make,  2. doesn’t require me to pull out a recipe from a book or my phone, and 3. is a complete meal (in my opinion this means it has a protein, veggie, and a carb.

This recipe fits all three of those qualifications, and not only is it one of my go to easy breakfast ideas, it’s so yummy and crave-worthy! I’m so thankful my once personal chef and writer of a recipe book sister-in-law made this for me on a whim one day at her place. She has the knack for throwing together delicious stuff that’s super easy to make.

All you need

carb of choice– can be whole wheat toast, an english muffin, a bagel, etc…

a tomato– the sweeter the better (get heirloom if you want to get fancy)

one or two eggs

butter/grape seed oil/coconut oil

mayo (right now I’m digging this coconut mayo for a healthy alternative to regular mayo)

salt and pepper

What to do:

  1. Toast your carb of choice in the toaster.
  2. Pan fry one or two eggs in butter/grape seed oil/coconut oil ( I like mine with the yoke a little runny).
  3. Slice the tomato.
  4. Top the toasted bread with mayo, add the sliced tomato, salt and pepper, top with the fried egg(s), salt and pepper.

Done! Omg I’m getting hungry just looking at this pic and writing this recipe. Do you have any go to easy breakfast ideas? I’d love to know!

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