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Nose + Contour

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A nose contour doesn’t have to take a lot of time and doesn’t have to look dramatic and unnatural.

I use this tutorial to do a nose contour

There are many ways to contour your nose. Some people use cream pencils, but because I’m a busy mom and need something simple and quick, I use powder. I basically use this tutorial.

I use this simple trio palette to do all my nose and face contouring. It has the perfect yellow based light shade, bronzing shade, and most importantly a taupe-y brown contour shade. When I worked at Sephora for three years, I looked at all the available contour palettes and they either had too many overwhelming options or their contour shade felt too warm, like a bronzing shade. A perfect contour shade needs to feel more taupe/brown/gray-ish and not like a warm bronzer. Also, I don’t feel overwhelmed using this trio because it has just three options, and all you need for a perfect contour (face, nose, etc) are three shades.

Looking for more makeup inspiration?

What I use every day to get a natural look.

How to shape your eyebrows at home.

My favorite drugstore fuchsia lipsticks. 

Interested in the necklace?

My hubby chooses most of my dainty jewelry. I usually go big, with statement styles, but it’s nice to wear something simple sometimes, especially when my outfit feels busy enough on its own.

This heart necklace laying on it’s side, with a diamond on the side feels elegant and lovely. Here’s something similar if you’re interested. For some reason I love the heart more since it’s laying down, rather than being upright and symmetrical. Sometimes a little “off” feels more right. Sometimes imperfect is more beautiful than perfect, don’t you think?

What do you find more beautiful because of the fact that it’s slightly off?

Also, do you contour your face or nose? I’d love to know!

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