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Fashion Inspiration from Blair Waldorf

I love Blair’s modern lady-like style, don’t you?! She might not always act like a lady on Gossip Girl, but her attire always hits the mark.

Here are some of my favorite Blair Waldorf outfits:

The Blue Dress

Nothing says daytime elegance like a chic dress with modest sleeves, a modest length, and a flattering silhouette (pencil skirt bottom) When a lady wants to get a little “sexy,” she opts for backless instead of cleavage. It’s daring and unexpected. Love love love this look. Paired with a bright red skinny belt right at the waist and nude pumps, it’s perfect and very Parisian.

The Perfect Chambray Shirt Dress

Not sure if Blair wore this or Leighton Meester, but either way, it’s a classic day look every girl should have. Wedges make it wonderfully casual, and there is no better pairing of colors than this blue dress with a brown skinny belt. Blue + brown is always a winner.

The Brown Dress/Shrug Combo

Not only does this outfit look perfect, Blair has perfectly defined cheekbones here!

Mixed Florals Done Right

Mixing florals? That’s a tough task, that’s for sure, but this ensemble just works. The blues in both the top and bottom marry the two pieces quite nicely, while the muted top helps keep the outfit from looking too “busy.”  The halter neckline also is very flattering on toned shoulders.

The Pouf Skirt and Beret

Ah, she looks oh so confident and French.  The pouf skirt works in this outfit because the top is fitted and sleeveless. I also love the pairing of the beret, large belt, and mile high platforms.


More tomorrow!


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