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Five Fun and (some) Free Ideas for a Boy’s Room

Five Fun and (some) Free Ideas for a Boy's Room

These are my two boys Noah and Luke in front of our apartment when we lived in Richland, WA. Aren’t they adorable?! To get them to smile for this photo or any photo, I fill in the sentence, “Raise your hand if _____.” It could be “Raise your hand if you love ice cream!” I find they are unable to raise their hands without simultaneously smiling and giggling- which makes for the best natural smiles in pictures. Try it!

It was so fun for me to think of the theme for Noah and Luke’s shared room, and I wanted to share some ideas, some of them free- for if you have a boy’s room you’re trying to decorate too!

1. A simple chair rail used as a “road”

Nate installed the “road” for the matchbox cars, and all I did was use a black permanent marker to make two lanes in the road. The chair rail is the perfect width for matchbox cars, and it makes it much more fun for the boys to pick up toys and put them in “storage” when storage happens to be a fun road.


2. A doodle wall decal for a cartoon-like city

This city decal is my favorite thing about their room! We got the decal from this shop on Etsy. We actually ordered two of them so that the city went from one wall all the way to the other. We used all the clouds from both sets but opted to only use one of the airplanes.


3. Cut out pillow stuffing for a “cloud” curtain

I am not a crafty person- but kids were sick one week and I decided to make these cloud curtains from pillow stuffing just by cutting out the shapes of clouds with scissors. I hot glued some string onto the bottom of the clouds and hot glued some cut out raindrops from and old baby blanket.

Isn’t this picture frame cute/funny/true? Here’s a similar one. Similar tufted chair.

4. Banners cut out of kid’s gift bags

I made both the triangular plaid banner above and the vehicle banner below just from cutting up kid’s gift bags and taping them to string! So easy and free if you’re like me and save all the gift bags from kids’ birthdays and holidays. All you have to do is cut them the shape you want and bend the top so string can go under the bent area. Then you tape the fold down. Simple design Boy’s Room!

5. Cans for kid’s craft supplies

What is it with kids and their never ending collection of arts and craft stuff??? I just had to share this free genius idea for storing these things! I think I got the idea from the book “The Brave Learner.” First I use this amazing best ever can opener so the edges of the can stay dull (keeps the cans safe for kid use), then I remove the paper off the outside and throw the cans in the dishwasher. Now there’s a place for everything-paint brushes, glue, paint pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, crayons, colored pencils, glow sticks, watercolor paints, glitter glue, and markers.

I’m hoping this boys’ room theme works until puberty? Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I so loved making it for them with hubby. Do you have any cool boys’ room ideas- especially free and budget friendly ones? I’d love to know about Boy’s Room!

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