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Found: The Best of

Found: The BEST Cheese Grater

Found: The BEST Cheese Grater

This post is everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about a silly cheese grater! But oh well! Sheltering at home for many has meant more time in the kitchen, and oh-the-simple-joys of well functioning kitchen tools! One benefit of Nate’s job having so much travel involved is that we get to stay at different Airbnbs, and we get to discover household items that we otherwise wouldn’t know about! At one Airbnb, I discovered my love of Spring Meadow Tide pods. They are not messy like regular laundry detergent and smell lovely. At our current Airbnb, I’ve discovered it! But first, let me share the problems I’ve come across with other cheese graters.

Problems with other cheese graters:

Ikea’s cheese grater

I had such high hopes for Ikea’s cheese grater. A grater that sits perfectly on top of a bowl that is exactly the same size as the grater! What’s not to love? Let me tell you. Grating cheese is a messy process as you well know. You even risk skinning your knuckles every single time. Why have to deal with mess on top of that? So problem number one- it doesn’t feel as natural to grate cheese horizontally for some reason. The angle actually helps. Secondly, you will get scraps of shredded cheese on the counter and on top of the it. You will buy the perfectly sized bowl and perfectly sized cheese grater and be sorely disappointed at the perfectly unexpected mess all around. ughhh. Don’t make my mistake with this!


Traditional cheese grater

The problem with any kind of flat traditional like the one pictured below is that it feels clumsy to lay on the side of any bowl. The angle feels right, but it’s always unstable and risks moving around. Also, if you want to just quickly grate something on top of a plate for example, say, extra sharp cheddar on your Kraft Mac and Cheese, then you have no side to lay the grater on. You’re having to hold one end with your hand and stabilize it on the plate while simultaneously grating with the other hand. I don’t know about you, but many hours doing hip hop classes have proven I’m not coordinated enough to deal with this.


Standing tower cheese grater

The problem with any standing tower cheese grater is threefold. First, not all containers you want to use to grate your cheese in have flat bottoms. If I wanted to grate cheese into a bowl for example, the edges of the bowl round up so my cheese grater doesn’t sit flat, even if it has fancy a rubber fittings on the bottom. This makes for a clumsy execution. The second problem is that after you’re done grating cheese, your tower is standing on all the cheese. It makes for a dirty base on all four sides. The third problem has to do with the enclosed base. If you grate enough cheese, you end up accumulating a bunch of it in the base,and you have to stop grating mid-grate and fumble through and get everything out.


Why this cheese grater solves all the above problems

I am so in love with this cheese grater! First, unlike the Ikea cheese grater, it makes for absolutely the least amount of mess! Because both the top of the cheese grater and the bottom of the cheese grater are in the container of choice, everything gets in the container. Yay! It has a nice angle like traditional cheese graters and tower cheese graters, but because one leg of the cheese grater sits outside of the bowl with its fancy rubber footing, it stays super stable and doesn’t feel clumsy. It also works great on any container, whether a round bowl or a flat plate. It doesn’t have a base that you have to clean out like the tower option, and it only has one leg that gets cheese on it unlike the four sides of a tower cheese grater.

This thing has proven amazing at being stable, containing mess, and adapting to different containers. I’m in luuuv. What grater do you have? Do you love it? I’d love to know!


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