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Found: The Best of

Found: The BEST Reasons to Put Down Your Smart Phone

Having the “how” without the “why”

For the longest time I’ve know I needed to start limiting my smart phone usage. Like deep down I knew it probably wasn’t the best thing for my overall well-being or my family’s. BUT I didn’t really have the concrete reasons, so I was never really motivated to do consistently do anything about it. I’d try different things, like Nate and I would turn off all screens at the end of the evening after boys went to bed to have uninterrupted quality time. I’ve also tried to set my phone on downtime settings so certain apps couldn’t get accessed until after the boys went down (see below).

Found: The BEST Reasons to Put Down Your Smart Phone

Why the “whys” were necessary

These were great things, but without any concrete “whys” behind these choices, they weren’t implemented as consistently as they could be. Until now! This podcast has changed everything for me in terms of feeling super motivated to make a change and be more intentional about my phone usage.

What would I do with all that free time no longer spent on my phone?

This podcast made me realize that it’s not that I don’t have time, a lot of that time (4-5 hours a day) is spent on my phone! This episode helped me examine what exactly I wanted to do instead of constantly checking my phone on autopilot. I’ve even started making a list including getting back into playing the guitar, learning praise songs to sing to and with my kids, and starting a garden with my kids.

2 reasons this is motivating

This makes sense that it’s motivating because 1. It’s near impossible to break a bad habit and much easier to replace one habit with another and 2. I’m always more motivated when I focus on adding something to my life rather than taking something away.

Are you that way too? I love this podcast episode so much because it’s so practical and gives all the science behind why we should do certain things and avoid doing others. Let me know what you think!

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