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Found: The Best of

Found: The BEST Water bottle

Is it actually possible to be passionate about your water bottle? If it is, I would like to say I am. I take drinking water so seriously, I actually count my intake every day. I use this free and simple, one touch app if you’re interested. I’m quite obsessed with making sure I get enough water because if I don’t, I get headaches and I feel hungrier all day. Plus, sorry this is tmi, but I want to stay regular! Our bodies are made up of up to 60% water, and so it makes sense to me to fill it up regularly to keep things working smoothly. Since I grab water all day at home and in the car, it’s important for me to love my water bottle. Here are the reasons I am obsessed with this water bottle.

1. It’s safe to leave in a hot car.

Plastic water bottles are not safe to leave in the car because they leach. Glass bottles can break. Stainless steel bottles are the way to go!

2. This water bottle doesn’t have too many nooks and crannies for bacteria to grow in like water bottles with straws.

I love that this doesn’t have a straw! Have you ever noticed that it’s much more difficult to thoroughly clean a water bottle that has a straw? It’s because by design any water bottle with a straw has more nooks and crannies for mold and bacteria to grow.

3. The base of this water bottle is small enough to fit in any car cup holder.

Don’t make the mistake I made at first- buying such a big water bottle that I couldn’t fit the base of it in a car cup holder! It would end up on the floor rolling around or on the passenger’s seat getting in the way. It’s better to carry one that’s small and tall like this one and fill it up three times a day. The thinner bottle also makes for easier one handed drinking.

4. The spout is small enough so you don’t have to be careful when you drink.

This feature is my absolute favorite feature!! I’ve seen all the popular bloggers rave about the S’well water bottles, and I can’t stand them! The spout is too big. Because you can’t actually wrap your entire mouth around the spout, you have to drink carefully and slowly. This is not ideal if you’re exercising and wanting to drink quickly between yoga poses or if you’re driving and wanting to take a sip quickly without spilling on yourself.

5. You can open up the spout and the cover stays attached so you don’t lose the cover.

Another reason why I have beef with the entire line of the popular S’well water bottles is that once you unscrew the lid, your lid is detached completely, which means you can lose it. With the Takeya water bottles, you unscrew the lid of the spout, but it stays attached.

6. Lastly, like all stainless steel water bottles, it keeps your liquid cooler or hotter for a longer amount of time because it is insulated.

I love that my water is cool to drink even after a long day of it sitting in a hot car!

I know this is a very detailed listing of why I’m obsessed with this water bottle, but I’m pretty confident you’re not going to find a better one! What do you think? It’s crazy how these simple features make a world of a difference in convenience and ease of use with this water bottle.

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