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Friday Find: My Two Signature Fragrances

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Why fragrance?

Did you know that just by wearing a fragrance around people, people automatically view you as more confident and put together? Fragrance is a simple way to convey your presence to the world. It makes the unapologetic statement, I’m here. It shows you value yourself because you’re willing to go the extra step just for yourself,  putting on something extra, something unnecessary. Something for the sheer pleasure of it.

Why a Signature fragrance?

I love having a signature fragrance because I want my fragrance to be memorable, lasting, and attached to who I am. My husband’s nana for example only wore White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. Now every time I smell White Diamonds, I think of her, and I’m flooded with fond memories of her. My ex boyfriend only wore Curve. To this day, I still can’t smell that fragrance without feeling a little guilty. Scent is attached to emotions and memories, and by having only one signature scent for people to remember you by, it’ll make it easier for them to attach a scent to you.

How I chose my signature scents

I have had two signature scents in my life. I am super super picky with scents. I gravitate towards fragrances that are feminine and alluring, but also clean, light, and subtle. I am asking for a lot when I’m looking for something feminine and light but not overly floral or fruity. I don’t want one flower to stand out, like Oh, she’s wearing gardenia. I want people to associate that smell with me, not a specific flower. I also don’t want to smell like a specific fruit, for the same reason and because I want it to stay in the olfactory senses without going into edibles. I don’t want people to smell me and feel hungry. That’s why I don’t want to smell straight like vanilla or green apple etc. I just want people to smell something wonderful but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

So yes, these are a lot to ask, but in my life long search I have found two that fit my tastes perfectly.

While I was single, my signature scent was…

L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake for Women’s – EDT

I love how this fragrance feels super feminine, but because it combines aquatic and floral and fruity notes, it’s not overly  floral or fruity, and starts off crisp and clean but as it lingers on my skin it takes on a richness that makes a guy want to bury their nose in my neck. Every guy I ever dated loved this scent so much.  It’s not overpowering. You don’t smell like anyone else. If you’re at Sephora or a fragrance retailer, you’ve got to put this on your wrist and then smell it again an hour later.  It’s the BEST. It fit me so well in my single days because like me, it felt approachable and carefree and bubbly but if you stuck around and got closer you’d discover a rich sensuality. Okay enough enough:)

Now that I’m married, my signature scent is…

D & G 3 Limperatrice By Dolce & Gabbana For Women

For some reason, as a married woman, it just didn’t feel right to still have the same signature scent of my unencumbered youthful, single days. I still wanted something light and fresh, but with a bit more maturity and chicness. This scent makes me think of a glamourous peach without being overly fruity. I know that doesn’t make sense but go smell it. You’ll see what I mean. Like my first signature fragrance, it starts off fresh but really warms up on the skin. The meaning of the name means “Empress” and this scent is fittingly named as the smell feels regal.

Do you have a signature scent? I’d love to know!


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