freetime, leisure time, spare time, free time
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Friday Find: 40 Things You Can Do During The Day When You Get Free Time Away From Your Baby

freetime, leisure time, spare time, free time

You finally get to sneak away and have some “me time.” What exactly can you do with this free time?

*Will this outfit work on your body type? All my outfits emphasize flattering an apple shape -wider shoulders/narrow hips. In these pictures I am 5’1′ 135lbs.  I am petite and also have a high waist and short torso.

This post was inspired by one of my mom friends. We were having a conversation about needing some time away from our babies.  Then she said, “But I don’t even know what I’d do with that time!” For any other moms who have had the same response to getting some free time away from baby, here’s an exhaustive list of things you can do.

30 Things You can do with your free time away from baby

    1. Get a pedicure
    2. Get a foot massage
    3. Go vintage shopping
    4. Get a manicure
    5. Look at magazines in a bookstore
    6. Get lunch with a friend
    7. Visit your town’s downtown area and peruse all the cute shops
    8. Try a new bakery
    9. Go garage sale hopping
    10. See the latest chick flick at the theater
    11. Go to an estate sale in a rich neighborhood
    12. Go to the gym and sit in the hot tub and sauna
    13. Get a chair massage at the mall
    14. Get lash extensions
    15. Grab a novel and lay on a blanket in the park to read
    16. Go to an art museum
    17. Try a new brunch spot
    18. Catch up on a Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO show 
    19. Color in an inspirational adult coloring book
    20. Go to a float spa
    21. Visit a florist and buy a bouquet of flowers
    22. Go to a farmer’s market
    23. Go to the library and peruse the travel aisle
    24. Invite a friend over for a cup of tea and paint your nails
    25. Go to a day spa and get a mud wrap
    26. Get a facial
    27. Go to a naked Korean spa
    28. Get your hair professionally blown out
    29. Play an instrument
    30. Get high tea with a few girl friends
    31. Get your hair professionally curled with retro waves
    32. Go to a cafe where they play live music during the day and enjoy a cup of tea
    33. Visit a Japanese bakery
    34. Go to MAC or Sephora and get your makeup professionally done
    35. Go to a concert in a park
    36. Visit a botanical garden
    37. Go to a rose garden
    38. Get boudoir pictures
    39. Get acupuncture
    40. Go to a tea house and try a flight of new teas

Moms, do you have any other things to add to the list? I’d love to know.

Similar items to what I’m wearing in above picture-

Gray hat , Navy blue sunglasses, purple sweater,  brown messenger bag, light gray leggings, white and gray striped sneakers. 

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