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MidoriLei is babywearing Noah in a kinderpack and taking a selfie in her dressing room
friday find

Friday Find: 10 Reasons I love my Kinderpack Over Other Baby Carriers/Wraps

MidoriLei is babywearing Noah in a kinderpack and taking a selfie in her dressing room

Noah and I both love the Kinderpack!

The selection of carriers and wraps on the market– so overwhelming!

Here are some of the reasons why we love our kinderpack-

  1. The biggest reason is how comfortable it is for me. I had the Bjorn previously. All the weight of my baby was on my shoulders. Ouch. With the kinderpack, All my baby’s weight is distributed on my hips. With this shift in weight, I could comfortably wear my baby all day.
  2. So many adjustable straps- around waist, two for the shoulder position, one for the top of the back that adjusts both vertically and horizontally,  one for the front top area, and another for the baby hoodie. Why is more better? It means I can get the perfect fit for my baby and for me– kind of like when you get in a newer car and the seat has so many adjustments.
  3. The straps are easily tightened and released thanks to the extra finger holes at the end of each strap. I can do it all myself. It makes it super easy to make all the adjustments with no help from anyone even with a squirming baby on me.
  4. Straps with buckles make me feel secure.  I’ve tried wraps like the Moby and I’m sure once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy. But there’s something REALLY comforting about a strap that buckles in with a safe and reassuring “click.” It makes for peace of mind for a new mom who’s  a little afraid of this fragile helpless thing. I’m talking about myself ha.
  5. Buckles also make for FAST on and off removal. I wasn’t one of those moms who liked to keep wearing their carrier even when baby wanted out. I didn’t want to wear my carrier/wrap like a fashion statement. It was nice to be able to just put him in and take him out with just a few clicks, and when he wanted back in, I was able to just click him back into place with no adjustments.
  6. Hip support for baby. My previous Bjorn had no hip support, and a mom friend warned me about the dangers of hip dysplasia! EEKs.  I switched over asap.
  7. No extra cushion on fabric and available mesh options make for a cooler baby and mommy in summer months. This was huge for me! I hiked all summer and this carrier made it such a pleasant experience.
  8. All the straps and all the roominess of the carrier made it super easy to breastfeed my baby handsfree  while I was walking around getting errands done. 
  9. Lots of padding in the straps for mamma. And the straps are thick too. So comfy.
  10. I can wear baby in front or in back. 

And one other extra benefit?!

Resale value is usually higher because they are so in demand! Means it’s more of an investment and asset instead of a liability with depreciating value. Like the difference between owning a home that appreciates in value and a car that depreciates in value over time.

The only thing I wish my carrier had was a  little pocket to put my keys or  my phone.  But if you’re looking for breathable comfort, easily accessible adjustable and padded straps for a perfect fit, the security and ease of on and off removal of buckles, hip support for baby, front and back positions, and roominess for nursing a baby, then consider the Kinderpack. You can find out more about Kinderpacks here. 

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