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Friday Find: 5 Things to Think about When Choosing Where to Put a Water Fountain

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but for the duration of my pregnancy, I’m only doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return after I deliver. Today’s post   is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make MidoriLei possible. 

I remember a  summer I spent in Northern California many years ago with a good friend. It was the year after I taught high school English and I stayed with her for a month. Her apartment complex was one of the most calming rentals I had ever been in. The rooftop was terra cotta, the feel of the place was like being transported into a Spanish villa. The weather was perfect. The landscaping was relaxing, and I would wake up every morning on her second floor apartment and open the door to the terrace.

The most calming thing about the complex was that every time I’d open the door to the terrace in the morning, I would hear the sound of the water fountain below. The sound of the water in the background felt calming as I sat and blogged every day or made meals in her kitchen. Ever since then, I’ve wanted my own water fountain outside our home. Studies have shown the calming effect of hearing water and being around water.

Aside from just the calming effect of being around water and hearing water, many people buy fountains because they want to improve the look and appeal of their property. In order to get the right effect, the fountain should be installed in a section of the home or garden where it can best complement the space. Picking the right location for a fountain can be a difficult task, and it’s something you should decide on even before the fountain is delivered to your address. Here are 5 points that you need to think about when choosing where you should install this addition:

1. Consider the weight and size of the fountain.

The fountain’s size is a primary consideration when deciding its placement. A small tabletop fountain, for example, can be placed in any room inside the home as long as there’s a flat surface that can accommodate it. Floor fountains, too, can be moved from one room to another periodically. Large fountains like waterfalls, on the other hand, will need a more permanent place in your garden. Installing large outdoor water fountains is a meticulous process, and the weight and size of the fountain can cause it to sink into the ground overtime if it is not installed properly.

2. Make the most out of the fountain’s design.

A fountain’s design not only affects the way it looks, it also has a hand in how the fountain works and where it should be located. Tiered fountains that are made of stone or have elaborate designs give a space a grand feeling. It’s meant to be looked at and can best serve as the focal point of a park, courtyard, or garden. Space-saving wall fountains can brighten up an accent wall or give a room or a nook in the garden an intimate atmosphere. Waterfalls that are made to look like stone are often placed against the wall and flanked with plants to imitate a more natural look. This design can look great as an accent wall in event venues.

3. Address safety concerns.

Water safety can be an issue when installing fountains, especially if there are children in the house. Some owners opt for disappearing fountains that don’t have an accessible base, as this design is safer for young children. But if you’re planning on putting a pond with a fountain in your property, it’s safer to install a fence around it for the time being. If possible, place the water feature in an area of the house where it can be easily seen, so you can see if the kids are going in for a dip without asking you first.

4. Pay attention to the sound level.

One of the things that make fountains attractive is the sound they produce. The sound of flowing or babbling water can be very soothing and relaxing, after all. However, people should also take note that some fountains can be really loud. Outdoor fountains tend to splash more and are a lot louder than indoor fountains, so try not to place them near the bedroom or some other area in the house where people value silence.

5. Locate the nearest water and power supply.

Finally, consider how far the fountain is from the nearest water and electricity source. Think of this beforehand so you can install added pipes and wiring as soon as possible. That way, you can immediately install the fountain once it is delivered to your home.

When shopping for a fountain, it’s best to have an idea of where exactly you want to place it in your property. This way, you can consider how small or large the space is relative to the fountain, if the design and material of the fountain fit the space where it will be placed in, and if the area needs additional preparation before the fountain is delivered and installed. Keep these in mind while shopping and you’ll have an easier time finding the fountain model that will make your home or room a more cohesive space.

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  1. Steven Reed

    Hey, MidoriLei you are right. water fountain sounds very soothing and relaxing. I also like to add a water fountain in front of my house. this is one of my big dreams because the water fountain idea is really awesome. thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for this advice for placing a water fountain. It’s good to know that outdoor fountains splash more and are louder, so they shouldn’t be too close to a home. I’m interested to learn if you should test the placement first of the fountain to find out how it could be heard nearby.

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