MidoriLei takes a selfie wearing a baby bjorn carrier and breastfeeding in front of a gold mirror with her baby Noah as a newborn
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Friday Find: Breastfeeding in a Carrier Saved Me From Hiding at Home All Day with a Newborn

MidoriLei takes a selfie wearing a baby bjorn carrier and breastfeeding in front of a gold mirror with her baby Noah as a newborn

I was scared to leave the house with a newborn until I found my secret weapon- breastfeeding IN a carrier

When I came home from the hospital with a newborn, I was terrified to go out in public by myself. I mean pee in my pants terrified. After our stay at the hospital, it came as a shock that licensed medical professionals would just let my husband and I, two people who were clueless and had no experience at all, take home this living, fragile thing. All I knew was that it cried anytime it needed anything, and it seemed to need something very often. So often that I felt hopeless bringing it out in public. I didn’t want to be “that mom” with a screaming baby she couldn’t console, which would be all the evidence any judgmental onlookers would need to verify my incompetence as a mom.

I felt this way for a while, until I realized 9 times out of 10 all my baby really wanted was a boob to suck on because he was hungry or just needed to be soothed.  So when I discovered I could loosen up the straps to a baby carrier just enough so my baby could have access to my boob, I felt bold enough to brave it in public since my hands were free and my baby could nurse under a nursing cover happily snuggled to my chest anytime he cried.

I’m just hoping some terrified new mom out there reads this and feels a little bit bolder to get out of the house and end the cabin fever already. Your well being and sanity will thank you.

Good luck!

where you can get items similar to what i’m wearing

Carrier from BabyBjorn. I don’t recommend this one because I found out later that it doesn’t support a baby’s hips and a baby can suffer from hip dysplasia later. All the weight is also distributed on my shoulders so it gave me back pain . My favorite carrier is from kinder pack which supports the baby’s hips and also distributes a baby’s weight on my hips which makes it so much more comfortable to wear. Here is a similar black carrier from Ergo with hip support.

Similar black leggings from Spanx. 

My phone case cover from Etsy artist JoyMerrymanStore. 


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  1. Catherine @ Ten Thousand Hour Mama

    Yes x infinity! When I found out I could breastfeed while my baby rode in the carrier, I felt like I was doing something super secret and super awesome. And I was!

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