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Friday Find: How to Use Dance as Your Meditation

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a new baby and toddler, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down. Today’s post is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make MidoriLei possible. 

Many people misunderstand what dance is. Some think dancing is an art that simply takes talent to move to music. Others consider dancing a sport. It takes the skill of an athlete. The fact is, it is both.

Mental and physical control

Someone once said that dancing is being in total control of every muscle of your body at the same time, while looking composed and beautiful. There have been studies that compare dancers to football players. Around the world, football is considered the number one sport. The players take a major physical beating while trying to win a game. The football player has a uniform to protect his body. The dancer wears items like dance costumes for support, but no padding or wrapping.


You may be surprised to find out that a ballerina uses more of her muscles for a longer period of time than a football player. While football is a sport, dancing is both an art and a sport. A football player will look worn and torn during and after a game. The sweat pours off his body. He has a tired look on his face. He may limp or slump while on the bench waiting to get back on the field. A dancer does not have the luxury of looking tired, limping, or presenting herself in an imperfect light.

The price they pay

Football players have practice, but not nearly to the degree of a dancer. A dancer must practice intensely every single day and sometimes more than once in a day. She must be sure that every physical movement is perfectly executed. She also uses her mental power to maintain the look of grace, glamour, and beauty on her face.


Imagine your legs cramping and hurting and having to raise them and hold the position until the next step. Imagine being extremely tired and having to jump, run, fold, and turn in time with the music. Imagine having to do this while concentrating on your body, the music, and the performance area all at the same time.


4 ways you can use dance as your strongest meditation tool

  • Using dance to take your mind to a place of peace and strength is not a new idea. It has been happening for centuries. For example, the American Indians used to dance to mimic animals. They used their musical instruments, sang or chanted and danced themselves into a mental state of the animal they were channeling.


When a modern day dancer performs, she is sending her energy to the audience. She is making them feel what she is feeling. But when she is meditating, she pulls those vibes and that energy internally until she has reached a place where she is in touch with her own mind. She is absorbing good energy and letting her mind take over.


  • DMT (Dance Meditation Therapy) is a form of therapy that some experts prescribe to the victims of sexual abuse. Learning to hear every tone of the music while moving in a rhythmical way allows the dancer to reconnect her mind, body, and spirit. When these victims are abused, they suffer a disconnect. Asking them to sit quietly is impossible for them. Their minds will return to the place of fear and loss of control.  Using this therapy helps them reconnect with themselves and find their power.


  • Self-discovery
    • When a dancer goes into a dance for meditation, she is going on a search. Her mind and body are searching her inner-self as a way to discover what in her life is in the way of her success. What can she do to improve the person she is? It does not matter what people tell her she must do. She needs to find where she is blocking her success. It is only when she discovers what is holding her back,  that she will be able to make changes to become who she wants to be.


  • Rage dancing
    • Every time you swallow the anger,  feel for injustice, humiliation, and stress; you store it. Eventually, it will rise. Often, it returns to you in the form of pain, headaches, high-blood pressure and other health issues. Instead try rage dancing. This is any form of dance that allows for aggressive dance. While you are aggressively releasing the pain people put on you, this can act as a great stress reliever. As you are concentrating on throwing out the bad thoughts, you are cleansing yourself. This is a faster road to total healing.


No matter what emotions you are living with your now, you have a right to live it. You can use dance to let the anger, fear, and pain go. All you need is your willingness and some upbeat music!


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