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Friday Find: If They Grow It, They’ll Eat It- 3 Tips for Preschool Edible Gardens

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Most young children have no idea where food actually comes from. Or to expand upon this thought, they actually believe that food comes from the grocery store, and they don’t realize that fresh fruits and vegetables are grown from the soil.

To help children break out of this funk, it helps to teach them to understand planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables. The best way to do so – and to let them understand the nutritional value of this amazing food – is to let them grow their very own garden.

Not only will kids begin to experience feelings of pride while growing their own fruits and vegetables, they’ll also want to try all of the yummy food that they’ve grown. So parents and teachers get the best of both worlds by letting kids start preschool edible gardens because the youngsters learn about nutrition and look forward to eating veggies and fruits because they helped grow them from the earth.

With that in mind, we’ll now take a look at three tips to help preschool children learn the value of edible gardens at home or school.

Tip #1: The Plant Life Cycle Can Teach the Children about Patience

By growing a preschool edible garden, the young children are going to fully understand the life cycle of plants. They will learn that for a plant to fully grow and mature, it’s going to take time, care, and plenty of patience.

As you teach the students about various seed collections including fruits and vegetables, you can also teach them how to care for the specific plants that grow from each seed, and they’ll enhance their learning as they wait patiently for flowers to bloom, or fruits and vegetables to appear.

You also have an opportunity to teach kids about weather patterns during the growing process. So do not hesitate to tell them about rainy days, watering the plants, and so much more.

Tip #2: Grow an Amazing Edible Garden through Teamwork

In order to successfully grow a garden, a team of people are needed to build the beds, fill them with soil, plant the seeds and seedlings, water the plants, and more. So letting the children work together on all aspects of this garden is a great way to foster teamwork in these children.

The students can get together as part of collaborative groups and work hard as a team to plant, grow, harvest, clean, and ultimately maintain their new edible garden. By working together in a social environment like this, the young students will learn how to communicate with each other and help one another effectively as a group. These lessons will certainly carry over into the classroom and other areas of their life as well.

Tip #3: Gardening Teaches Kids about Nutrition

Last but not least, our children really need to begin learning about nutrition. In fact, 30% of children in America are obese and half are overweight. By growing food in their own garden, they will recognize the value of eating nutritious fruits and vegetables and begin to understand that they need to fill half their plate with these healthy, life-affirming foods.

Not only will this help the kids lose weight, it will help them maintain their weight loss as they get healthy once again. Believe it or not, the world’s best medicine is grown in the garden each and every day. And these youngsters can start growing the tastiest “medicine” they’ve ever had as they improve their health.

Final Thoughts

We all know that the children are our future. Unfortunately, many adults have dropped the ball and let our kids become unhealthy by eating too much junk food. When they start growing their own edible garden with their class, they’ll learn the value of eating fruits and vegetables, and they’ll be happy to eat the food they helped grow.


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