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Friday Find: This Airfryer is the MOST Used Kitchen Item We Use

This Airfryer

Can I tell you that I have resisted getting an Airfryer for soooo soo long but my brother recently gifted us one? I LOVE fat. I love fried food. This is why I never thought I would be a candidate for appreciating an Airfryer. Well, I was dead wrong. I love this Airfryer for reasons I never even thought of!

Here are 8 reasons why I love my Airfryer:

1. They are good for lazy cooks.

Gone are the days where I have to slave over the stove and watch sausages or bacon on a Sunday morning, flipping things over and tending to them so the house doesn’t burn down. Now I just stick it in the Airfryer, press a button, and walk away.

2. They are good for neat freaks.

You know that film of grease that always ends up on the backsplash? You know all the splatter marks and grease clumps that build up on all the adjacent counters and cupboards and all over the stove top? Say goodbye to this! It’s all contained in the Airfryer!

3. They are the perfect way to reheat pizza.

Leftover pizza has never been more magical. Say goodbye to rubbery, hard crusts and too soft pizza. The airfryer makes them perfectly crispy and chewy.

4. Store bought fried chicken tastes like gourmet.

This is my favorite hack. It’s so soo yummy. We kept buying fried chicken from the grocery store for weeks because we couldn’t get enough.

5. It is the best way to cook anything frozen and fried-

French fries, curly fries, tator tots, mozarella sticks, fried wontons, taquitos, goat cheese stuffed puffed pastry, chicken wings, and on and on and on. AMAZING.

6. Oh yeah, it’s healthier than frying.

For an exact replica of deep fried eggrolls I make from scratch, I just quickly dunk each eggroll in oil before putting them in the airfryer. Again, just a push of a button and walk away. It saves me time and it saves my arteries! Whoohoo! Kitchen Item

7. It takes the place of other kitchen gadgets.

If you have an airfryer, you can use it in place of a dehydrator, a microwave (for many items), a toaster, and you can save electricity not having to preheat an entire oven for something small. It is like I got a PHD in cooking buying this airfryer.

8. It is the number one best way to reheat eggrolls.

Before the airfryer if I ever made eggrolls, we would have to eat them all in one day because we knew they would be soggy the next day. Not anymore! Crispy just like day one. It’s amazing Kitchen Item.

the MOST Used Kitchen
irfryer fried chicken milanese!

What do you think? Do you love the airfryer?? This is the brand we have and love.

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