Fuchsia Pants Take Three

To say that I’m in love with these bright skinny jeans from HnM would be an understatement. I’ve already posted about it with a navy blazer and navy and white stripes, yesterday with a peach 3/4th button down, and today I’m showing them with a bright blue 3/4 scoop neck shirt with the tiniest bit of puff in the 3/4th sleeve.

I think my style changes with my mood, but the thing that stays the same is that I like simplicity, classic shapes and pieces in bright colors or with important details. In the case of this outfit I’m wearing, which looks very simple, I think the colors go well together, and the 3/4th length + scoop neck + tiny puff shoulders make all the difference.

Fit is also really important. It’s the difference between wearing just a plain baggy ole’ blue t-shirt and a well fitting 3/4th shirt.

Because of all the bright main colors, I decided to keep all my accessories in the neutral family: Nude peep toe heels from Nine West, brown leather Coach messenger bag, and my favorite tortoise frames:

Today I’m off to do some shopping with a friend! I’m getting my sandals fixed, and we’re going to get massages and froyo. What is the deal with women and froyo? We are obsessed. I’m also going to hunt down some Mudd jeans from Kohls as I found the best fitting pair second hand and want to see what other stuff may be in store with this brand.

If I find a pair of jeans that fit really well (like American Eagle and Uncommon Genes) I’ll go check out their whole selection. Usually they have other shapes and colors that fit just as well:)

I’m also going to find some more hip hop clothes and sporty clothes for my dance class. I ran into the problem of not having anything to wear for my dance class this week:(

Lastly, we are going to check out the latest Etiquette store at our nearby shopping center, and I’m going to get my coach bag cleaned. (Ketchup stain from McDs) What are you up to today?

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