"> Fun Things to Do with Friends Before Summer Ends

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fun things to do with friends
friday find

Friday Find: Fun Things to Do with Friends

fun things to do with friends

Need fun things to do with friends? Here are plenty of ideas

If you’re feeling bored, here are some ideas of fun things to do with friends before summer is over:

  • do makeovers on each other and take photos
  • take a dance class together¬†
  • karaoke
  • ice skating
  • roller skating
  • go to the beach
  • fly kites
  • do string art
  • do a paint and wine night
  • bake something off Pinterest
  • have a spa day and paint each other’s nails
  • go spelunking
  • go to an old amusement park
  • make a scavenger hunt
  • go to an arcade
  • take a beading class together
  • bowling, or cyber bowling
  • belly dancing
  • paragliding
  • go to a theme park
  • parasailing
  • go on a hot air balloon
  • have a picnic
  • go rollerblading outside at a park
  • do put put golf
  • go berry picking
  • do a short hike that ends where you can see a nice view
  • do an ice cream crawl through your city
  • go rock climbing
  • attend a talent show at a local school
  • go to a concert
  • volunteer
  • start a garden
  • start a book or magazine club
  • have a vision board party
  • do a bake sale and give the proceeds to a local charity
  • take a budgeting class together
  • go to a local fashion show
  • get tickets to see one of your favorite shows live
  • have a girlfriend get-a-way at a quaint town and rent a cute airbnb
  • get foot massages and coffee afterwards
  • go bar hopping
  • do a bakery crawl through your city
  • visit a local art museum
  • go white water rafting
  • attend an art street fair
  • do a food tour of your city
  • do a cooking class at your local gourmet grocer
  • go shopping together, buying each of your favorite ice creams and watch netflix while eating your dessert flights
  • go to a Korean naked spa for the day
  • do high tea and and dress up for the day
  • try a Brazilian kapoera class
  • go clubbing
  • attend an 80’s or 90’s themed party and dress up
  • play board games
  • try clothes shopping, but you shop for each other instead of yourselves
  • go to a glass museum
  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • go to a blow dry bar together and get lunch afterwards at a swanky hotel restaurant
  • do wine tasting at a vineyard and enjoy it with a cheese, salami, and fruit tray
  • hire a masseuse and have a hot tub and chair massage party
  • go to a big charity gala and dress up in a ball gown
  • get your makeup professionally done at Sephora or a Mac counter
  • experiment with green smoothies and make a light summer meal to eat out on someone’s deck
  • go on youtube and look for braiding tutorials and braid each other’s hair
  • make a funny film to post on youtube
  • travel
  • go cliff diving
  • watch a fun musical like “The Little Mermaid”
  • get ice cream
  • go on a zip lining course through the forest
  • do a fun race like the color race, bubble race, tough mudder, or the inflatable race
  • learn how to surf
  • swim with dolphins
  • go to hot springs
  • go snorkeling
  • gossip and color in fancy inspirational coloring books.
  • play Dutch Blitz (my favorite game of all time)
  • go to a drag queen bingo
  • go to a casino
  • do an escape room
  • try a barre class, crossfit, or orange theory
  • go to a drag queen brunch
  • do a chocolate tour of your city
  • sign up to attend a fancy 6 course dinner at a restaurant
  • do a murder mystery dinner
  • play laser tag
  • go to a batting cage
  • go to a shooting range
  • try your hand at golf
  • take a tour of a cave to see stalactites and stalagmites
  • go camping
  • go backpacking
  • spend a day hopping from one garage sale to another
  • go on a home tour of a fancy neighborhood
  • go to a family fun center
  • try a trapeze class
  • try a fencing class
  • go to a float spa
  • go horse back riding
  • meal prep for the week together and share a meal afterwards
  • go to a botanical or rose garden and walk around and take pictures
  • go to a tulip festival
  • watch a sunset together on a beach and set up a bonfire to cook smores and hot dogs
  • sing with a guitar
  • sky dive
  • go to a hip hop dance concert
  • bungee jump
  • try a new ramen house on a rainy day
  • try a cuisine you’ve never tried before
  • do fondue night
  • do hot pot night
  • go to a japanese steak house
  • eat dinner and listen to live jazz
  • go on a cruise


I’m curious, can you think of other fun things to do with friends?


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