"> Get Fabulous Roots Done for $57 at a Salon (This includes 25% tip!)

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Hair How-To

Get Fabulous Roots Done for $57 at a Salon (This includes 25% tip!)

I just got my roots done today, for a whopping $57 ( $45 + $12 tip). Wanna know how to get fabulous roots for so cheap?

Some women might want to go lighter but fear the costs of maintenance for highlighted hair. Here’s how I get it done, and get it done cheaply.

1. Go to a beauty school.

I have had my hair messed up by a professional and by a beauty student, and actually, I feel more at ease at a beauty school. You would think the opposite was true, but at a beauty school, all the students have accountability.

Before they start the process, an instructor comes by and makes sure that your requests and the student’s procedure are in line with the end result you want. Often times they make changes to the student’s original plans. Then the instructor comes back around a couple times during the process. And then at the very end, the instructor helps the student determine when processing is finished, so what you end up having is two people (one who is very experienced) making sure your hair comes out right, instead of one, and you have the added benefit that the student is trying impress the teacher.

With someone constantly looking over their back, you can rest easy. Any time a student is unsure, a teacher will come rushing to your side to check out your foils. Accountability helps people perform their best!

At a beauty school, you can get a partial foil for as little as $45 dollars!

2. Have a game plan.

There’s nothing worse for a hair dresser than a having a client who can’t explain exactly what they want. How can your colorist give you what you want if you don’t know, or you only have a vague idea?

When I came in this morning, I made very specific requests. I think the more specific, the better.

1. I knew I wanted each piece of highlighted hair to be a little larger than what my last colorist did. My last colorist gave me “fine” sections, and so this time, I went with “medium.” I made it clear that i didn’t want a “chunky” look, still natural but thicker than the grow out. I wanted the blonde to be denser than my naturally black hair that would peep through.

2.  Last time I got my roots done, I noticed grow out within a week. This time, I told my colorist that I wanted to make sure to get as close to the root as possible. She was able to do this by spreading out the foils from 1/4th sections to 1/8th sections (the smaller the sections between each foil, the closer the colorist can get to your root).

3. Know your hair.

Every time you get your roots done, pay attention. I have gotten my roots done so many times now,  I know pretty much what to expect.

Pay attention to:

1. What volume developer you need.

I know from experience that I need a 40 volume because I’m going from one end of the spectrum to the other.

2. If you need a toner.

I know from experience that I don’t usually need a toner if my colorist Fabulous Roots waits long enough to get past the orange/yellow phase.

3. If you need heat.

I have learned from experience that my hair can handle a 40 volume developer AND heat. When I don’t use heat, I’ve had hair appointments that lasted 6 hours! With heat, it only takes 3 hours.

4. Your hair’s processing personality.

What do I mean by your hair’s processing personality? Well, for me, my hair wants to lighten at different times. My colorist always has to check my foil every so often because there are always some pieces of hair that want to process quicker than others. I think this is probably true for most people, but because it’s a beauty school, I always make sure to tell my colorist.

4. Get a partial foil (20 foils) instead of a full foil (20 + foils).

Why partial instead of full?

1. Partial costs less.

2. Partial doesn’t take as long.

With partial+ heat I save 1-3 hours.

3. You don’t need to color the bottom of your hair.

All you really need is the crown (especially surrounding your part) and the entire front of your face (for when you pull your hair back.)

With partial foil, my colorist divides it this way: 14 on top (7 on each side of my center part) and 3 on each side of my face. Like this:

Hope this helps! Fabulous Roots

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