"> Gift Guide 2018 For Her: When You Have Many Women to Gift

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friday find

Friday Find: Gift Guide when You Want to Gift Several People the Same Thing

gift guide 2018 for her

Gift guide 2018 for her. Time to go shopping!

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a new baby, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

Maybe you have a wide group of mom friends or maybe you want to give all your kids’ preschool teachers and teacher’s aides a little something. This gift guide 2018 for her is all about the many women in your life who all deserve a little something special. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg with so many women to gift, so everything here is under $15. But even so, these gifts will be really appreciated!


Gift Guide 2018 for Her


gift guide 2018 for her

Gift guide 2018 for her: all your friends will love this!


A  $5 towel just for her face:

Any woman can appreciate this little dark towel. 1. Because the word makeup will keep other people from using it, so her face doesn’t have to share a towel with everyone’s hands 2. Because who wants to ruin a perfectly good white bathroom towel with makeup? 3. Because how cute is the little lip pucker?


gift guide 2018 fo her

Color street nails (the purple sparkly one) are real nail polish strips that need no drying time.

Real nail polish strips that need no drying time:

I’m opting to get a bunch of these nail polish strips for all the child care attendants at my kiddos’ gym. They are all so great with my kids but I know nothing about them. Since they are teenagers and in their early twenties, I figure they can all appreciate some nail polish. These strips are made of real nail polish (not stickers) and need no drying time. They last up to ten days.


gift guide 2018 for her

Amazing oil at an amazing price.


Your favorite beauty oil that is safe for acne prone skin, perfect for cold weather dryness, and works on skin, hair, and cuticles:

This luxury oil is less than $10 and will be a crowd pleaser for any of your female friends. It has excellent reviews and is the perfect add on to any gal’s beauty regimen. I use it on the ends of my hair to calm frizz, to hydrate and nourish my cuticles, and to add much needed moisture to my face. Help your girl friends get their daily dose of antioxidants!


gift guide 2018 for her

A knockoff beauty blender for less than half the price.


A beauty sponge:

I’m obsessed with the original beauty blender. Unfortunately, it costs $20 and I have a tendency to lose it. I found this amazing knockoff one on Amazon for less than $8. Your friends will all love it! It makes for a flawless makeup application. If she already has one, I’m sure she can always use another for her gym bag or car makeup bag.

That’s it for this year’s gift guides! Do you have a go to inexpensive gift you love to give to all your friends? I’d love to know!

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