"> Gift Guide Christmas 2018: Treats for All the MVPs of your Life

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gift guide christmas 2018
friday find

Friday Find: Gift Guide for the MVPs in Your Life

gift guide christmas 2018

Gift guide christmas 2018 is all about the most valuable players in you life.

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a new baby, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

Gift Guide Christmas 2018

It’s here! Do you know how much I love writing gift guides?! All year long I collect ideas for various beloved people in my life for this very moment because I hate giving gifts just for the sake of a holiday or an occasion. I hate scrambling to try to figure out what to give last minute.

Throughout the year when I run across something that just screams a person’s name, I bookmark it and pull it up for the holidays. Then it’s so exciting to gift! These are the things I’m thrilled to actually be gifting this year for the most important people in my life. So here it is: gift guide Christmas 2018!

For your vegan bestie who loves eating a rainbow of colors:

So she’ll think of you every time she looks up to remind herself what produce is in season each month of the year.



For your  mom best friend who grew up in the south and moved to Seattle and, just like you, is always freezing:

I have these house socks and cannot live without them! They can be worn with or without socks, are fuzzy inside and have gripper dots on the bottoms. I don’t like wearing slippers because they feel like shoes but these are not as bulky as slippers and easier to put on, and feel like cozy socks without the slide. They are also super thick so if you happen to step on a random wet spot in the kitchen, you don’t have to go run and change them (it always happens to me when I’m wearing socks thanks to random pieces of ice flying out when anyone uses the ice maker or drops from the sink or dishwasher).


gift guide christmas 2018

Because she deserves to walk around her house on clouds.


For your wifey who has the most glowing skin and has a weakness for all things skin enhancing:

Throw in there that Karlie Kloss can’t live without her depuffing and detoxifying butterfly stone. 

gift guide christmas 2018

A lift and sculpt butterfly stone that is as equally beautiful as it is useful.


For your hubby who always buys stuff instead of experiences but could really benefit from a fun night out:

What guy wouldn’t want to go check out some sumo and sushi, at the same time?! Most guys are always up for watching a good fight, and the sumo part sounds like something to check off a bucket list.

gift guide christmas 2018

He has an option to (gasp) get in the ring too.


For your 3 year old toddler who is obsessed with ice cream and holds your cheeks with two hands every time he hugs you:

Noah uses his construction cones to make ice cream cones. He’s super obsessed with making ice cream. I was gifted this Play-doh ice cream set from my Buy Nothing Facebook group. Such a find!

gift guide christmas 2018

For any kid who loves ice cream! (who doesn’t?!)


For you:

Cuz you work so hard, and you need a reminder every day that with your kindness, presence, and energy, you bring something truly beautiful to your world. These large statement rose stud earrings will have you excited to welcome spring.


gift guide christmas 2018



For your mother in law who relies on you for the latest beauty product suggestions (which you secretly love):

There’s a reason why this nail cream has a cult following and has an almost perfect 5 star rating. Plus, it’s apricot and comes in the most beautiful color.

gift guide christmas 2018

To nourish her cuticles and nails during the winter.


So that’s it for gift guide Christmas 2018! What are you excited to gift this year? I’d love to know.

Need more ideas? Check out my gift guides from previous years.

For your adrenaline junkie husband who loves jumping out of planes and never exits the highway until the very. last. second. 

For your mother in law whose house is always pristine, smile always warm, and manners always English.

More #treatyoself options to feed your online shopping addiction. 😉


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