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gifts for new moms
friday find

Friday Find: Gifts for New Moms: This Will be Unexpected but Well Used and Loved

gifts for new moms

With all the diaper changes, she is going to be washing her hands more times than she can count. This is why these would make great gifts for new moms.

*I usually share outfits that emphasize flattering an apple shape, but while I’m settling into life with a newborn, I’ll only be doing Friday Find posts. Style posts will return when things have settled down.

Gifts for new moms: THIS will get used, I promise.

Do you want to treat your friend who will become a new mom or will have a new baby? Now that I’m in the thick of the newborn phase, I’ve noticed something about my hands. They are sooooo sooo dry and chapped. A new mom has to wash her hands more times than she can count with all those diaper changes. All day long, she’s washing her hands.

This is where your genius idea comes in.

Here’s what I suggest! Before your friend delivers her baby, find a way to look at her bathroom counter and her bedroom decor and night stand. Does she have a glass/ceramic lotion dispenser anywhere in sight? If not, this is the PERFECT gift. Try to match her current decor when you go on the hunt for a perfect lotion dispenser. And when you find it, it’s the perfect thing to leave at her doorstep full of your favorite luxurious yummy smelling lotion. Why is this the perfect gift?

1. It’s super useful and practical.

Like I said, my hands have never been so chapped and dry before. I don’t remember this with my first child but OMG it would be super handy to have a lotion dispenser right next to my soap dispenser in the bathroom or right on my bedside table.

2. It’s super convenient.

In order for things to actually get used, convenience is a factor. The less steps it takes, the more likely you will do something. So if she has hand lotion in her night stand, she still has to open the drawer, pull out the hand lotion, open the cap and then squeeze the product out. That’s four steps! If she has your beautiful glass/ceramic lotion dispenser on the top of her night stand, you save her four steps and she’s down to ONE step: pump the lotion.

3. It’s beautiful to look at.

When she’s in the thick of the newborn phase, complete with 2am projectile poop while she’s half asleep and hasn’t showered in three days, she’ll appreciate a small glimpse of something lovely and feminine and a reminder that somewhere beneath all the layers of dry shampoo in her hair and milk stains on her shirts that she is a woman, a beautiful feminine creature who loves beautiful things, elegant and luxurious things. Let’s remind her before she became a mother, she was a woman.

4. It’s great if she’s into being green or zero waste.

Goodbye cheap, plastic, disposable lotion containers screaming brand names. Hello gorgeous ceramic lotion dispenser with your long graceful neck and floral designs. You are here to stay.

5. It’s personalized.

It’s personalized from you (you choose your favorite smelling hand lotion to fill it) and it’s personalized to her (you’ve taken the time to scope her decor and have chosen something beautiful to match her taste).

6. It’s a reminder from one mom to another that she’s not alone. You’ve been there, and you’re thinking of her.

And lastly, leave it with a note that says (if you have kids),

I’ve been there mamma and this is what I wish someone gave me. This is a lotion dispenser with my favorite hand lotion. For all the many many times you think no one notices and you have to wash and dry your hands after changing diapers and wiping up milk spit up, know you are not alone. I’m thinking of you. And at least your hands will smell yummy and feel as soft and supple as ever! Keep it at your sink or on your night stand.

Love you and you got this!


gifts for new moms

This is one of the gifts for new moms that will help her become more zero waste.

gifts for new moms

These gifts for new moms are two in one. Your favorite hand lotion and a luxurious permanent container.

Some of my favorite floral choices, so feminine and beautiful to look at:

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